The best sightseeing of Zagreb with the oldtimer car

The best sightseeing of Zagreb with the oldtimer car

You are wondering what to do in Zagreb? You have booked a hotel or a hostel and what next? We have the perfect idea of amazing fun in Zagreb! We invite you to our little time machine on four wheels. Buckle up and start the great adventure called Zagreb History Exploration. Enjoy the best sightseeing of Zagreb with the oldtimer car.

Zagreb Fićo Tour

What to expect?

First of all, we will take you down the glorious streets in the famous Fićo from the ’70s and you will find out all curiosities and urban legends known only by locals; and now shared with you as with a friend. You will also find out about Zagreb’s biggest natural disaster that happened in the ’70s, about first (and only) Oscar award, about amazing athletes generation and Univerzijada, and how the famous blue tram crossed the Sava River for the first time. We will take you to the Zagreb ’80s, a museum dedicated to the best Zagreb years. You will also hear about famous clubs from the ’70s that are still open. Fun, right?

Zagreb Fićo Tour

And that’s not all! Our little time machine is filled with various props from that time: old telephone, magazines, alarm clock, calculator, and old records. They are here to make your experience even better, but also to take pictures for Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat! We know you will. 🙂

Private tour in the oldtimer

This exclusive tourist tour enables you to enjoy a private pursuit for Zagreb’s past. And what is so special? You will experience this, no more or no less, in the most popular oldtimer in this area – Fićek! Fićo is actually the glorious Zastava 750, a car from the ’60s. It was originally designed per Italian Fiat. One interesting fact is that the German VW Buba had an influence on Fićo’s appearance too. Fićo was until the ’80s for Yugoslavia the same as the Trabant for DDR, Spaček for France or Mini Morris for Britain in the ’60s. All public services were driving Fićo, while the older generations tried out their first driving experience right in this car. It was the car that helped boys to court girls, the car in which you had your first kiss, and the car that took you fishing or at the sea.

Zagreb Fićo Tour

Famous Fićo

Here are some interesting facts about Fićo!

  1. Fićo started to produce 1955, per Italian Fiat 600 license.
  2. Fićo was produced in the firearm factory Zavodi Crvena Zastava.
  3. The design was inspired by the famous VW Buba, therefore the engine was at the back.
  4. Fićo was a very popular model for car racing because it weighs only 500 kilos.
  5. Fićo has its own monument. It shows a war event from 1991. where a tank goes over it.
  6. This car was so popular that even Columbians in Bogota had their production sections.

Our own Fićo restoration

We have put in a lot of effort and completely restored the old Zastava 750S model from 1975. This model is produced with a better and improved engine of 22 kW, which enabled this little boy to achieve the speed of 120 km/h 44 years ago.

Pick your own tour

We have prepared for you several unforgettable Zagreb tourist tours in this original oldtimer. You can choose:

1. Zagreb Classical Route

2. Zagreb Romantic Tour

3. Zagreb Socialism Tour

With these private tours we enable the visitors to experience the city in a way its inhabitants did in the ’70s and the ’80s. Feel the spirit of the city with CityPal – your friend in town.

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