Statue of market woman „Kumica Barica“ at Dolac

For 10 years now (from unveiling in march 2006.) bronze statue of peasant market woman called „Kumica Barica“ at Dolac market is one of the favorite selfie/photo spots for tourists in Zagreb. You can easily find it on the top of left stairway to upper part of Dolac market. Statue is famous symbol of older peasant women from Zagreb surroundings who sell vegetables, fruits and dairy products at Dolac market for centuries. Dolac is the biggest and most famous farmers market in Zagreb, just few steps north from main square Trg bana Josipa Jelačića, living heartbeat of city, full of life, people, smells, tastes, sounds and colours. In past times, women in traditional costumes with head kerchief, like Kumica Barica, used to walk every day for a long way from their old rural family estates to Dolac market with big baskets full of foodstuffs on their heads. Today very rarely you can spot market woman with basket on the top of her head, but if you are lucky you might run into it in early morning hours. „Kumica” means godmother, with colloquially meaning – woman from rural area. Name „Barica“ was chosen between other Zagreb county usual traditional female names like Jalža, Rezika, Štefe, Jule by the citizens of Zagreb shortly after the unveiling of the monument. Except photo shooting with Kumica Barica, photo buffs will love vivid sunshades and nowadays ladies who sells groceries. Because all of that Dolac market is definitely the most picturesque place in Zagreb. And beyond.

Where: Dolac market, Dolac 2 (on the top of left stairway)

When: 24/7

Tickets: free

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