Where to Ski in Zagreb?

Did you know that you can ski in Zagreb?

Zagreb has a ski resort which is situated only about twenty minutes car drive from the city center. You can reach it by tram and bus. Read more below for more infos!


Ski slopes and ski lifts are situated on the peak ridge and on the north slopes of mountain Medvednica. The ski slopes begin almost on the very top of the mountain and continue to spread gently across the peak ridge on the Bijela livada (White Meadow)  towards east and steeply towars north on the Crveni spust (Red Slope). Next to the Crveni spust (Red Slope) on the north side of the ridge there are also Zeleni (Green), Plavi (Blue) and Bijeli (White) Slopes. Total length of the slopes is about 4.000 meters.




There are two T-bar ski lifts (on the White and Green Slopes) and a chairlift (on the Red Slope), which have a total capacity of about 3.300 skiers per hour.
Crveni (Red) Slope, Bijela livada (White Meadow), Zeleni (Green) Slope and parts of the Plavi (Blue) Slope are equipped with snowmaking facilities, and a lighting system allows  night skiing on the Crveni (Red) Slope and Bijela livada (White Meadow).




Every skiing season there is a Snow Queen Trophy,  the FIS World Ski Cup competition held on the ski slopes of Sljeme.

Ski resort Sljeme can be accessed by car or bus, which departs from the tram turnaround on Mihaljevac.



So, you can ski in zagreb 🙂

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