Saint George killing the dragon twice

Except August Šenoa (famous Croatian novelist and story writer) with three statues/busts in center, motif of Saint George killing the dragon is one of the best known statue figure in Zagreb. Since medivial times the legend of Saint George killing the dragon symbolize victory of Christianity over paganism and struggle between good and evil. St George is one of the most prominent, highly celebrated saint and Christian martyr. He is patron saint of England, Georgia, Malta, Portugal and Romania. Lot of churches in Europe are dedicated to St George and he is motif on many paintings, icons, statues and flags.

In Zagreb, Saint George appears on two famous statues. The one in Lower Town was created in 1853. by Austrian sculptor and awarded at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1855. Zagreb archbishop Juraj Haulik bought the zink cast in 1967. and placed the statue in Maksimir park. After that, the statue was moved to the Strossmayerov trg, and from 1908. new bronze cast stands at the southwest corner of Trg maršala Tita. Dresesd in armor and mounted on horse, the knight is about to kill the dragon. Time stops. This is the classic pose for Saint George killing the dragon and can be found all over the world.

Saint George killing the dragon

Second statues is at Upper Town, beside Kamenita vrata. This one was produced by another Austrian sculptors in 1906. Until 1937. the statue was in Austria and from then in courtyard of family villa Mažuranić in Zagreb. After the death of Dr. Mažuranić with deed of gift, sculpture becomes the property of the city. In 1994. the monument was moved to its current location. Statues has two parts: the bronze statue of St George on a horse standing above a fallen dragon carved from two pieces of stone. This pose is very rare. St George has already killed the dragon and pays tribute to the opponent by praying above the dead sworn enemy. This unusual display presents philosophical question: What is knight without the dragon? Never ending story is over. What now?

Saint George killing the dragon

Where: St George is about to kill the dragon: Trg maršala Tita, southwest corner

St George pays tribute to sworn enemy: Kamenita vrata, Radićeva ulica side

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