Roe deers 6 tram stations from Zagreb main square

Did you know that only six tram stations form Zagreb main square – Trg bana Josipa Jelačića there is large yard with unusual residents – family of roe deers?

Roe deers

And by that we do not think about roe deers at Presidential Palace Pantovčak where access is limited (and of course you can’t go with tram to Pantovčak). From Trg bana Josipa Jelačića you must go west with tram no. 6 or 11, direction Črnomerec, exit at station Sveti Duh and then south via Selska street to first intersection at Prilaz baruna Filipovića, cross the street, then go left and by two skyscrapers there is a a little Gradiščanska street. From there just go straight down the Gradiščanska and at right side at No. 10 you will see big fenced yard with roe deers inside. For more than 30 years, as sweet little local secret, there is family of roe deers as pets there. Currently there are two females and one male, you can easily see them from the street where fence is not high. The owners are friendly ,they got used to the passers stopping by and taking photos (if the weather is fine and roe deers are out). All the neighborhood kids know very well about the roe deers and friendly owners who despite the problems with permits, harassment, runaway, dog attacks and attempted thefts, bravely continue to keep roe deers in private yard. Ivo, Pero, Jelica and other characters from the legendary Croatian children series “Jelenko” (Little Deer) , would certainly be proud of them.

Where:  Gradiščanska ulica 10

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