Pluto – the most famous dog in Zagreb

Story about Pluto – construction dog begins at the turn of the last century, precisely in 1899., during the construction of former First Croatian Saving Bank. The structure of bank consist of two passageways conecting in the middle by octagonal atrium. Because of that passage is called Oktogon and over the years it become famous walkway between Ilica and Petar Preradović square.


The legend about says that one day, one skinny and frightened stray dog  shows up unexpectedly at the construction site. The workers gave him water and food, and  from that day the dog stayed with them. During the days at his new home, he guarded the site from thieves and drifters. Workers and  Josip pl. Vancaš- chief architect named him Pluto. At the very end of construction, probably in conflicit with thieves of building material, Pluto was killed. In memory of the dog, workers and architect made a memorial plaque The construction dog Pluto.  For more than a century plaque was hidden in former bank backyard and only a few people knew about it. In 2013. ,thanks to some enthusiasts and Zagreb lovers, plaque was moved to Bogovićeva street pedestrian zone, just around the corner from Oktogon. From then everyone can see Pluto memorial plaque, and Zagreb like Tokyo, Edinburgh, Sydney, Washington, Moskva and many other towns with famous dog statues, publicly has memory dedicated to man’s best friend.

Where: The construction dog Pluto, Bogovićeva 6

When: 24/7

Tickets: free

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