Pharmacies called “K Crnom Orlu”

In the Gornji grad (Upper town), near the famous Kamenita Vrata (The Stone Gate), you can find one of the oldest Europe’s pharmacies called “K Crnom Orlu” (“At the Black Eagle”) and the oldest pharmacy in Zagreb.

pharmacies called “K Crnom Orlu”

The first written document of this pharmacy dates to 6. of march 1355. in a lawsuit between a pharmacist, apotecarus Jakmo (Jacobus) and a furrier, so we can presume it was there even before that year. In the city’s statue of the year 1425., it is officialy known for the first time as “Aphoteca Civitatensis ad Aquillam Niagram” – Gradska ljekarna K crnom orlu.

pharmacies called “K Crnom Orlu”

This  first Zagreb’s pharmacy never stopped working from it’s beggining and it is a known as a famous tourist attraction where you can look it’s old products, feel the spirit of Zagreb past, and if you have to (and we hope you don’t) buy some medicine. It is also worth mentioning that the next pharmacy in Zagreb was open almost 200 years after this one. Apart from bakery shops and tavern’s, the old Zagreb folks used to meet in pharmacies (until these new plastic hospital smell pharmacies) because other then buying medicine you could buy paper and ink, so people would stay a little longer and talk about everyday things.

pharmacies called “K Crnom Orlu”

One of the most famous pharmacists that worked in “K Crnom Orlu” was Niccolo Alighieri, great-grandson of Dante Alighieri, which is interesting as he is the only Alighieri that worked outside of Italy. So if you find yourself near Kamenita Vrata, stop by and visit this unique pharmacy and feel a taste of Zagreb’s history.

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