Miss Croatia for Miss World – Amaranthine bracelets

This year’s Miss Croatia for Miss World pageant takes place in Mali Losinj. Throughout the month of August, fifteen regional pageant winners will be competing for the prestigious title and a chance to participate in the Miss World pageant. In addition to all the usual ways of presenting their beauty and grace, this year the contestants shall present themselves in folk costumes characteristic of their area, thus promoting the heritage and customs of their provinces.

Wrists of the lovely ladies will be adorned with bracelets hand made by Croatian jewelry brand Amaranthine. Amaranthine bracelets are a successful marriage of tradition and modern design, before all in the Heritage line which draws on the motives of the Croatian traditional jewelry. The unique and unusual style of Amaranthine bracelets, their original closures, many different bracelet models, colorful string colors paired with the finest silver and semi-precious stones make them a truly refreshing novelty on the fashion jewelry market.

Amaranthine bracelets

Amaranthine bracelets are worn alone or stacked with other Amaranthines or other bracelets, producing a radically different look depending on how each person chooses to mix and match them. Original clasp is comfortable and secure at the same time, so much so you forget you have a bracelet on your wrist. Bracelets are finished to a specific length, which adds to the uniqueness. Knowing that all elements are hand made and then hand finished to your unique length makes your Amaranthine a wearable work of art. For those who wish to buy an amaranthine bracelet for a loved one, several adjustable length models are offered

Amaranthine bracelets

Love is emotion Amaranthine communicates thru all four lines – love for jewelry, love for fashion, for beauty, for self and one another. Amaranthine brand of beautiful bracelets was born in beautiful Croatia, and it is only appropriate that the brand should become a sponsor of a festival of beauty that is Miss Croatia.

Amaranthine bracelets

Amaranthine brand is proudly Croatian, it draws on Croatian heritage in its designs and uses Glagolitic script in it its logo. Connecting the ancient and the modern under the eternal Sun Moon and the Stars, Amaranthine creates stories of beauty and love as diverse and beautiful as life itself. Every line, every bracelet tells a different story. Find yours, from Croatia with love.

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