Mirogoj cemetery

Mirogoj – not only as a cemetery and the final resting place of deceased, but as an outdoor museum is readily awaiting visitors to fascinate them with its peace and beauty. In order to Mirogoj cemetery must shine every day with its beauty,  its employees take care for the beauty and arrangements entirely, maintaining the parks, flowers, trees and the access alleys …

mirogoj cemetery

An oasis of peace and silence

mirogoj cemetery

The grave of the famous Croatian singer Ivo Robic

The grave of the famous Croatian basketball player Dražen Petrović

The grave of the famous Croatian basketball player Dražen Petrović

Mirogoj – Zagreb’s central cemetery, is known as one of the most beautiful final resting places in Europe! Famous architect Herman Bollé has designed Mirogoj cemetery main buildings, The arcades, cupolas and the church at the entryway are the must-see sights! Also, some of the monuments throughout the cemetery are true masterpieces of art!

mirogoj cemetery

The main entrance to the Mirogoj cemetery

The Arcades

The arcades and cupolas

mirogoj cemetery

A view from the arcades

The Arcades

The arcades

Walking along the paths of Mirogoj is very relaxing! You can soundly hear birds’ chirrup and feel a gentle breeze among the densely planted trees so thereby it’s easy to forget the clutter of  everyday life. If you decide to visit Mirogoj during the All Saints’ Day ( on November 1) you’ll witness extraordinary lightings from the candles that light up in memory of the dead ones.


Alley of Croatian defenders from the Homeland War

mirogoj cemetery

The central cross

mirogoj cemetery

The Church of Christ the King and the grave of the first Croatian president Franjo Tuđman

It´s easy to notice equally distributed graves of all religious groups, as well as get a hint of Croatian history by encountering the Monument for the fallen Croatian Soldiers in World War One, the Monument for the Yugoslav National Heros, Memorial Cross in the Alley of Croatian Defenders, Monument to the Victims of Bleiburg, German military cemetery and the Wall of Pain monument dedicated to the victims from the Croatian War of Independence. Mirogoj is also called the Croatian Pantheon due to many famous people that were buried in its grounds.

The Monument for the fallen Croatian soldiers in the World War 1

The Monument for the victims of Bleiburg massacre


German military cemetery for the fallen soldiers in the Worl War 2


The Monument “Voice of the Croatian Victim – Wall of Pain”. The black marble is covered with the names of 13,500 killed Croatian soldiers and civilians – the victims of the Serbian aggression on Croatia.


The Monument for the Yugoslav National Heroes in the World War 2

Getting There: Bus N°106 from the Cathedral to Mirogoj takes 15min and costs 10kn!

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