Local tips for Advent in Zagreb

Local tips for Advent in Zagreb

There is no better way to enjoy one city than with local recommendations. Here are some of the best things you have to try and visit. Enjoy the best Christmas Market in Europe with our Local tips for Advent in Zagreb.



The queen of winter – sarma – is a very common dish in Croatia. It can be described as a stuffed cabbage roll filled with minced meat and usually rice. Our mothers and grandmothers have traditionally made sarma every winter, and we cannot imagine Christmas without it. The filling can vary, but one thing is sure: it is very, very tasty! You
cannot go home before trying it. Try the best sarma at: Stari fijaker 900, Mesnička ulica 6.

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Breakfast and Brunch

If you love a good cup of coffee or breakfast and brunch with a little twist – this is the right place. It is a small bistro with easy and simple dining. Except for the best ice cream and cakes in the city, you can also try great homemade hot chocolate or mulled wine with aromatic spices. This will keep you warm and satisfied in these cold, winter days. All things that make us happy, squeezed in one place. Enjoy! Bonk Coffee, diner & urban cycling, Britanski trg 1

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Fresh Adriatic fish

Christmas Market is not only about sausages and mulled wine. This is also a great opportunity to try Croatia’s famous – Adriatic fish. The meals are delicious, made from fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea, and very healthy. Some of the best recommendations are: Adriatic tuna carpaccio, black risotto, fresh shrimps and squids, various fish fillets and salads, and much more. These are very flavorful and light dishes. Don’t miss the traditional Dalmatian cuisine in the heart of Zagreb, with over 60 years long tradition. Try the best Adriatic fish, fresh-caught and very tasty at: Restoran Korčula, Teslina 17.

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Mulled wine

Autumn and winter have one specialty – mulled wine. It is impossible to imagine the Christmas Market without a good cup of mulled wine. The best one is made from wine, clove, sugar, cinnamon and dehydrated orange slices. It is
very tasty and it will keep you warm in cold winter days. The best thing – it is homemade, from high-quality wine, with local spices. When you are outside, grab one cup, heat your belly and enjoy. Don’t miss the best one this season at: Buzz Bar, Preradovićeva 30

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Turkey with Pasta Tatters

Turkey with Pasta Tatters is that one dish you watch in the movies. The perfect picture of family reunions: everyone is together, children are running around singing carols, and there is a turkey on the table. A simple delicacy, full of flavors, served with pasta tatters. If you want the perfect bite of Christmas, with your loved ones, this is a must. Try the best turkey with pasta tatters at: Bistro Vještica, Vranyczanyeva ulica 6.

turkey with pasta tatters


Rakija is that ace up one’s sleeve, the secret weapon against all that is enemy to common man: it destroys bacteria, relieves you of any pain, enhances the experience, and puts a huge smile on your face. It is a true sign of Croatian hospitality. However, this is an alcoholic drink, made from fruits and cooked for many hours. It has many varieties, so you can choose what you prefer. It warms your fingers, throat, stomach and soul, and it is essential during toasts,
celebrations or as an aperitif. Try the best rakija at: Buzz Bar, Preradovićeva 30

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Museum of illusions

As this great illusionist once said: “A great piece of music might make people close their eyes, but a great magic trick will get their eyes wide opened.” Open your eyes and observe a new world of wonders. Find us in the centre of Zagreb, in Ilica Street, and also find our magical stand at the Zrinjevac Advent Market. You will be amazed by the wonders, wrapped up in Christmas lights, filled with aromas of tasty dishes and Christmas Carol melodies from the
surroundings. Our lovely hosts will help you choose the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Don’t miss the joys of playful thinking with Dilemma Games. Come and see the place where all magic comes to life! Visit Museum of Illusions, Ilica 72 and Advent at Zrinjevac

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Hot Chocolate

When it’s cold outside, a steaming mug of rich, sweet, hot chocolate is everyone’s favorite warm winter drink. It will keep you warm and it is a delicious liquid dessert. Don’t miss to try it, and not only the basic one. You can choose
various spices: chili, cinnamon, pistachio, lavender, and much more. You can only imagine how rich the flavors are! Try the best hot chocolate at: B 041 pastry shop, Masarykova 25

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Escape Room

In the heart of downtown Zagreb near Home of Croatian Artists, you’ll find Fox in a Box, the exceptional Room Escape reality game center. Do you want to be a scientist struggling to make a cure for Zombie virus or a robber trying to steal precious diamonds from a highly secured Bank? Here, you can experience various fun and brain-teasing challenges. If you want to have fun, to socialize and bond with your friends, … this is a place to be! Fox in a Box, Kneza Mislava 14

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Pašticada is a Dalmatian beef stew, prepared in rich, red, sweet and sour sauce, usually served with gnocchi. It is by far the best known and most traditional dish that will remind you of Croatia. Every city and every household have its own version. This dish is listed in the List of Croatian gastronomic heritage, and it is also very popular at important
feasts such as engagements, weddings or anniversaries. This dish is a true flavor of Croatia, so try the best pašticada at: Stari fijaker 900, Mesnička ulica 6.

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Party every night

If you want to go out and spend an unforgettable night, you should go to Caffe bar Alcatraz and Confusion Cocktail bar. They are open till 4 a.m. and have best parties during Advent (every night) and best New Year’s Eve Party.

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Kavana Procaffe

If you want to have a nice winter punch or delicious mulled wine, go to Tkalčićeva 54 and look for Kavana Procaffe.  You will have the best drinks at very reasonable prices. Aperol punch (Aperol, winter spice, passion fruit, apple juice) for 22 KN, The Snowman (Johnnie Walker Red Dye, apple pie, winter spice, lemon rantcho, apple juice) for 30 Kn, Captain’s Punch (Captain Morgan spiced, winter spice, passion fruit, apple juice) for 25 KN, Gin Toddy (Tanqueray LD, falernum, apple juice) for 30 KN, Mulled wine for only 16 KN and meat platter Bregovita Hrvatska (ham, bacon, special type of meat; meso iz banjice, fresh cheese with cream, tomato, cucumber, pumpkin oil and bread) for just 105 KN. Bon appetite!

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Haustor Haus

This modern bistro is probably one of the best restaurants in Zagreb where you can eat at a very reasonable price! It is located in the heart of Zagreb but away from the city madness. A perfect place to relax and enjoy good food and wine with colleague’s and friends! They have options for everyone… veggie, fish and meat lovers! Enjoy the trends of modern cuisine at Haustor Haus, Masarykova 26/1.

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