Local food in Zagreb

If you want to taste the local food in Zagreb this is our choice!

Restaurant Stari Fijaker 900

local food in zagreb

Stari Fijaker 900 offers a full menu of authentic traditional culinary delicacies that are proudly representing the Zagreb-Zagorje region of Croatia. We highly recommend you to try dishes named “punjena paprika”, “sarma“, “purica s mlincima” and of course “štrukli” – a local food in Zagreb that you will want to have again and again.

KNOWN FOR: Traditional Zagreb culinary deliccacises
ADRESS: Mesnička 6, Zagreb
OPENING HOURS: Mon-Sat 11:00-23:00, Sun 11:00-22:00

Bistro Vještica

local food in zagreb

It´s opened for those who want to discover old delicious recipes and the food that was once served on the tables of nobles, witches and citizens of Zagreb! Come to this bistro with an empty stomach and an open heart, and let this gastronomic witch to cast a spell on you!

KNOWN FOR: Old Zagreb dishes with a more modern attire
ADRESS: Vranyczanyeva 6, Zagreb
OPENING HOURS: Mon-Thu 9:00-23:00, Fri-Sat 9:00-00:00, Sun 10:00-22:00

Tavern Didov San 

local food in zagreb

Are your taste buds longing for traditional Croatian local food in Zagreb ? If that’ so, in a very center of old part of Zagreb, in Mletačka 11 on a hill called Grič, find your seat and start a gastronomic trip you’ll never regret. A restaurant “Konoba Didov san“ (which means Grandpa’s Dream) is actually a Dalmatian tavern and it will impress you with amount and quality of authentic Croatian dishes.

KNOWN FOR: One of the best places for tasting traditional Croatian food from Dalmatian Zagora region
ADRESS: Mletačka 11, Zagreb
OPENING HOURS: Every day from 10:00 till midnight

Inn Restaurant Purger

local food in zagreb

Inn-restaurant Purger, located just few steps away from the city center, prepares homemade and traditional Croatian dishes since 1932! A visit to the inn Purger is actually a tour to the real, tangible Zagreb catering museum, that offers you the taste of  local food in Zagreb!

KNOWN FOR: Preparing homemade and traditional Croatian dishes since 1932!
ADRESS: Petrinjska 33, Zagreb
OPENING HOURS: Mon-Sat 7:00-23:00

Restaurant “Bistro MZ”

local food in zagreb

Restaurant “Bistro MZ” is place where you can try maybe the best grill in Zagreb. The offer and quality of local food in Zagreb grilled meat include various grilled meats, stews and goulash soups. At restaurant “Bistro MZ” portions are very large and the meat is always fresh and superbly prepared so every time you will leave the restaurant more than happy and satisfied.

KNOWN FOR: Balkan grill cousine
ADRESS: Antuna Augustinčića 8, Zagreb
OPENING HOURS: Mon-Sat 8:00-23:00, Sun 8:00-16:00

Restaurant Bota Šare

local food in zagreb

This restaurant nurture and favoure authentic Dalmatian specialties and offers an impressive variety of dishes: oysters and other shellfish, crabs and fish prepared using old south Dalmatian recipes from the time of the Dubrovnik Republic. In 2004 Bota Šare restaurant was hailed as the best restaurant on the mediterranean!

KNOWN FOR: Various traditional Dalmatian fish dishes 
ADRESS: Zvonimirova 124, Zagreb
OPENING HOURS: Mon-Sat 7:00-23:00, Sun 9:00-17:00

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