Kavanica Coffee Bar: For True Ladies and Gentlemen

Drink your morning coffee in Zagreb like fine locals with good manners used to do one century ago. In Kavanica Coffee Bar you can pretend you’re some posh gentleman or vintage lady while you turn the pages of your morning newspapers (never mind if you don’t speak Croatian, just leaf through). This coffee bar is located near Petar Preradović Square, which is, metaphoricaly said, big city living room, but Kavanica is also a „time machine“ that will carry you through ages while you sit comfortably.

Kavanica Coffe Bar (2)Kavanica coffe bar

Kavanica Coffe Bar (5)Upper floor

In Varšavska Street 4, just across famous Europa cinema, you’ll be fascinated by warm and intimate atmosphere this place offers you. The decoration of Kavanica Coffee Bar was inspired by authentical European or Austro Hungarian cafés from the beginning of 20th century beginnings. Luxurious interior is complemented by vintage details like an old wall clock, an old furnace and the lovers of the architecture of Victor Horta, one of the first and the leading artists of the Art Nouveau, will enjoy in a replica of the fence from the Hotel Tassel on the staircase that connects the upper and lower floor. Antique photos exposed on the wall and old newpaper articles testify about turbulent times before and during World War I. There you’ll also see an article writing about first tram in Zagreb. And while you sip your tea or coffee, the statue of Croatian poet and bohemian Tin Ujević is watching you from the outside.

Kavanica Coffe Bar (4)The statue of Croatian poet and bohemian Tin Ujević in front of the bar

P4130174Old wall clock

Kavanica Coffe Bar (9)An old furnace

Kavanica Coffe Bar (7)Replica of the Victor Horta fence from the Hotel Tassel on the staircase

If you prefer, you can move on to the terrace and watch the hectic daylife around you. Kavanica Coffee Bar offers not only tea and coffee but other hot non-alcoholic beverages (prices: 1,6 to 2,0 euros), Zagreb’s Brewery beers (2,1 to 2,6 euros), wines (13 to 20 euros per bottle) and domestic or foreign spirits (2,1 to 3,3 euros). Coffee Bar is opened from Monday to Thursday from 8 am till 1 am, on Fridays and Saturdays from 8 am till 2 am and till midnight on Sundays.

Kavanica Coffe Bar (10)Coffe bar terrace across Europa cinema

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