Historical example of the Zagreb tram M-24 which we rarely can see

The M-24 is the type of an old Zagreb tram that is most often seen on Zagreb’s streets during the Advent in Zagreb event. These trams were made according to Dragutin Mandela project, and was built in 1924. The M-24 was adapted to run on the right side of the street!


During its production, it was manufactured as two-way (it had two controls, each on one side of the tram), but in the 1940s and 1950s one-way conversion was made.


Upon termination of the production, these trams were replaced by the TMK 101 series, and were traded until Tatra T4, 1976 and 1977, when they were withdrawn from use.

The M-24 trains were 10 meters long and 2.04 meters wide, while its weighing was almost 10 tons (9.6).

Today there are two preserved originals of M-24 tram: one serves as a tourist tram, and the other one is owned by the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla. Also, one copy of the “Pagoda” and “Košak” trailers are preserved, and they keep running!

Photo & Text source: Licegrada.media

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