Graves of the famous people in the Mirogoj cemetery

Zagreb main cemetery Mirogoj (Travelers’ Choice No.1 in Zagreb for 2015. on TripAdvisor) is well preserved open air museum with typical example of monumental architecture like arcades, pavilions, sculptures and tombs. In Mirogoj you are literally walking through Zagreb history and honor famous people who left a mark in it. These are the graves of famous Zagreb citizens* that are worth visiting (*without politicians)!

1. August Šenoa (1838. Zagreb – 1881. Zagreb)


Where: Mirogoj, field 8A

Profession: Novelist

Famous for: Father of the Croatian novel and modern literature

Mark: novel Goldsmith’s gold and feuilleton Zagrebulje

His first novel and first Croatian history novel Goldsmith’s gold presents episodes from Zagreb in 16th century. The story about conflict between feudal lord and citizens of Zagreb is one of the most famous tales from Zagreb history. August Šenoa was also a pioneer of Croatian feuilltons with Zagrebulje – that were describing events from second half of 19th century.

2.Herman Bolle (1845. Köln – 1926. Zagreb)


Where: Mirogoj Arcades

Profession: Architect

Famous for: Restoring the Zagreb Cathedral

Mark: Construction of Mirogoj cemetery and Museum of Arts and Crafts

Beside the Mirogoj cemetery, his most famous building is Museum of Arts and Crafts – one of the first buildings with the functions of the museum and the school. Bolle has also completed the restoration of famous St. Mark’s Church in the Upper Town Zagreb, played a part in restoring the Zagreb Cathedral and gain influence over the city planning process of Zagreb.

3. Milan Lenuci (1849. Karlovac – 1924. Zagreb)


Where: Church of Christ the King in Mirogoj cemetery

Profession: Urbanist

Famous for: Zagreb’s first urban planner

Mark: Creator of Zagreb Green Horseshoe (Lenuci Horseshoe) which is U-shaped system of Downtown squares (parks) that creates a famous green frame of Lower Town. Seven squares with parks in the “horseshoe” are arranged in three straight lines. Lenuci also laid the foundations of the urban development of Zagreb and moved the industrial zone and marketplace to the eastern part of the town.

4. Ferdinard Budicki (1871. Zagreb – 1951. Zagreb)


Where: Mirogoj, field 12A

Profession: Car, motorcycle and bicycle pioneer

Famous for: One of the founders of the first Croatian Automobile Club

Mark: Founder of the first mechanic shop, first driving school and first taxi service in Zagreb

Beside the first Croatian Automobile Club, first mechanic shop, driving school and taxi service in Zagreb, Budicki brought the very first car and motorcycle to Zagreb! He is co-founder of the Croatian Sports Federation and Zagreb Fair and he takes second place at the first national car race which took place on the route Zagreb-Varaždin-Zagreb. Today first automobile museum in Zagreb bears his name.

5. Rudolf Lubynski (1873. Zagreb – 1935. Zagreb)


Where: Mirogoj, field 1

Profession: Architect

Famous for: One of the major art nouveau Croatian architects

Mark: The construction of National and University Library

His famous building of the National and University Library (now Croatian State Archives) at Marulić Square is the most important palace of the Croatian art nouveau (declared by several distinguished architects and art historians). Plus numerous residential houses, Lutheran Center, building of the insurance company in Mihanovićeva street and more.

6. Ljerka Šram (1874. Zagreb – 1913. Zagreb)


Where: Mirogoj Arcades

Profession: Actress

Famous for: Celebrated member of the Croatian National Theatre

Mark: Romeo and Juliet as Juliet, Othello as Desdemona, Madame Sans-Gene as Catherine Hubscher

Ljerka Šram was famous Croatian actress and member of Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb for twenty-five years (from 1888. until her death). She was acting in many leading roles as comedy, salon and romatic character in classical and contemporary repertoire. Her beauty was legendary so she will be remembered as one of the most beautiful Zagreb actresses ever.

7. Branko Gavella (1885. Zagreb – 1962. Zagreb)


Where: Mirogoj Arcades

Profession: Theatre director

Famous for: Director of 270 show´s, operas and operettas

Mark: one of the founders of the Zagreb Drama Theatre (today Gavella).

Theatre director, theatrologist and critic was director of drama in Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, where he directed a respectable number of plays written by Croatian authors. He was the founder of Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, one of the founders of the Zagreb Drama Theatre (today Gavella) and member of Academy of Sciences and Arts.

8. Ante Topić Mimara (1898. Korušce – 1987. Zagreb)


Where: Mirogoj Arcades

Profession: Art collector

Famous for: Restoration, conservation and protetction of precious collection of arts

Mark: Donation of 3700 works to Zagreb museum that carries his name

Croatian collector, restorer, art historian, philanthropist and a controversial post-WW2 military consultatant who worked on the returning of the stolen arts. In the eighties he donated his rich collection of 3700 works of art (from prehistoric, Egyptian and Chinese art to Rembrandt and Renoir) to the museum which today carries his name – famous Mimara Museum!

9. Tošo Dabac (1907. Nova Rača – 1970. Zagreb)


Where: Mirogoj, field 11

Profession: Art photographer

Famous for: World-renowned Croatian art photographer

Mark: Black and white photographs of Zagreb street life during the thirties of the last century

Tošo Dabac exhibited and won many awards abroad, but he spent his entire career in Zagreb! His biggest inspiration was the City of Zagreb – so he left mark in Zagreb history with his famous black and white street life photographs. Dabac entire photographic opus with negatives and vintage masterprints is kept at the Tošo Dabac Archive in Ilica street 17.

10. Dražen Petrović  (1964. Šibenik – 1993. Ingolstadt)


Where: Mirogoj, field 127

Profession: Basketball player

Famous for: The best European basketball player of all times, one of the first NBA players from Europe, Olympic medalist, winner of the World Cup championship and EuroBasket tournaments, 2 Euroleague titles…

Mark: With Basketball club Cibona Zagreb he was two time European Champion, took 3 Cup Winners, 1 National Champions and more…

Dražen is the greatest Croatian and one of the best world basketball player of all times. He played shooting guard position for Basketball basketball club Cibona Zagreb in his early years. In his first year with Cibona he won National League, National Cup and European Cup. Following year he won European Cup and National Cup again. His medals, rewards, personal items, etc. are kept in the Dražen Petrović Memorial Center.

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