Famous Tomislav Gotovac footprints in Ilica

When you take few steps from Zagreb main square, direction west, on right side at the beginning of Ilica street (Ilica 8), you can see Tomislav Gotovac footprint(famous Croatian artist). Like celebrity handprints and footprints on Hollywood Boulevard,

Tomislav Gotovac

Foto: Ivan Posavec

Tomislav Gotovac footprints are engraved in Ilica street. So, who is Tomislav Gotovac and why he deserved imprints of his feet in Zagreb main street? Tomislav Tom Gotovac is Croatian multimedia and conceptual artist, actor, director, first and most famous performer in former republic. Although his works were exhibited in numerous museums worldwide, he had a respectable film career and represented Croatia at Venezia Biennale, Gotovac remained best known for performance art. From high school where he appeared in pajamas, through his first nudity in 1971. which was recorded in banned film, to first public stripping in Zagreb in 1979., Tomislav Gotovac has become No. 1 controversial artist of that time. Exposure of his body was artistic statement against authority and expression of freedom.

Tomislav Gotovac

Foto: Ivan Posavec

Probably the most famous of all Gotovac performances is „Zagreb, I love you“(13.11.1981.), where he walk naked from Ilica 8 towards main square and there he lay down on the street and kissed the asphalt. He started performance exactly at noon loudly shouting: „Zagreb, I love you“ and ended at 12:07h when the police arrested him. In memory of that in november 2013.,three years after he passed away, his footprints are engraved in Ilica street forever.

Where: Ilica 8

When: 7/24

Tickets: free

Fotografije: Ivan Posavec

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