Cmrok Meadow is the name of the meadow and a hill located in the northern part of Zagreb, on the hillsides of Medvednica mountain. This giant and slightly rangy meadow, which arises from the woods, is beloved by many citizens who wish to relax surrounded by green grass and pine trees.
Today, it is Zagreb popular resort for excursions in spring and sledding runs in winter, surrounded with Tuškanac and Jurjevska street!
The meadow of Cmrok isn’t overcrowded – you can feel free to chill out without being interrupted. There are lots of dog owners who walk their pets, so eventually, you may be distracted by a curious dog.



It can be reached by public transport buses lines number 101,102 and 105 whose starting points are from the British square and Kaptol, but you can also take a nice, half-an-hour walk from British square or Upper town.

Name “Cmrok” was created by the pub which was held by a certain Mr. Rok! As the former gentleman liked to boast their knowledge of the German language, when they were going to that pub they said “let’s go „zum Rok ” (to Rok)”.
And so, over time, the term “zum Rok” was transferred to Cmrok by distortion.

In the 19th century it has became a popular Zagreb excursion and promenade site which held the first ski courses in the city of Zagreb!


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