CityPal’s 10 picks for Restaurant Week Zagreb

*This is subjective selection with major focus on Zagreb’s diverse restaurant scene. Among our picks from Restaurant Week Zagreb list you can find everything from fish and BBQ to Asian and Macedonian restaurants. Check out all 47 restaurants on web site, find your favourite one, or two – three and make a reservation! Lines are open!

Three-course lunch/dinner is 100kn (13€)/person in all restaurants from 04.03.-13.03.

List of all restaurants, menues and phone numbers for required reservations you can find on 


1. Apetit City

Restaurant Week Zagreb
WHAT: International/Mediterranean cuisine
EXPECT: High level bussines restaurant with highest position on Croatian annual selection of best restaurants – Dobri restorani of all 47 restaurants on Restaurant Week list.
MENU 1: meat MENU 2: fish
WHERE: Masarykova 18

2. Asia T House

Restaurant Week Zagreb
WHAT: Asian cuisine
EXPECT: Chinese, Japanese and South East Asian cuisine with Asian chef and knowledgeable personnel, only 3 minutes walk from main square.
MENU 1: Chinese + glass of wine MENU 2: Thai + glass of wine MENU 3: Japanese + tea
WHERE: Vlaška 9

3. BBQ Grill & Bar

Restaurant Week Zagreb
EXPECT: Specialties from the grill. Recommendation: BBQ ribs and souce (menu 1) and grilled bananas (on all three menues).
MENU 1:BBQ + appetizer homemade brandy MENU 2: BBQ + appetizer homemade brandy MENU 3: BBQ + appetizer homemade brandy
WHERE: Blaža Trogiranina 22

4. Blato-Zlinje

Restaurant Week Zagreb
WHAT: Dalmatian cuisine
EXPECT: Classic old school Dalmatian fish restaurant with tradition over 60 years and recognizable cuisine based on sea food.
MENU 1: fish MENU 2: fish MENU 3: meat
WHERE: Selska cesta 56

5. Brewdogs

Restaurant Week Zagreb
WHAT: American cuisine
EXPECT: American restaurant/sport bar with USA gastro classics and full walls of numerous sport heroes and donated jerseys of players.
MENU 1: meat MENU 2: meat MENU 3: vege
WHERE: Gajeva 10

6. Johann Franck

Restaurant Week Zagreb
WHAT: International cuisine
EXPECT: New, popular, hipster (in a good way) bistro restaurant at premium location and with famous young chef from modern foodie generation.
MENU 1: meat MENU 2: fish MENU 3: vege
WHERE: Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 9

7. Kaptolska Klet

Restaurant Week Zagreb
WHAT: Croatian cuisine
EXPECT: In one of the oldest restaurants in Zagreb, traditional Croatian cuisine meets innovation in the kitchen with famous chef – gastro TV star.
MENU 1: meat + glass of wine MENU 2: meat + glass of wine MENU 3: vege + glass of wine
WHERE: Kaptol 5

8. Konoba Didov San – Gornji Grad

didov_san_zagreb (13)

WHAT: Dalmatian/Traditional
EXPECT: Rich Dalmatian Zagora cuisine with tradition, quality and consistency with new values that maintains through times.
MENU: Meat menu, which you can combine from 5 different types of appetizers, 5 main dishes and 5 desserts and + glass of wine
WHERE: Mletačka 11

9. Sherry’s Wines & Bites

Restaurant Week Zagreb
WHAT: International cuisine
EXPECT: Wine bar/bistro with warm and laid back atmosphere, great wine list and food prepared in a style that carries signature of the chef.
MENU 1: meat + glass of sparkling wine MENU 2: fish + glass of sparkling wine MENU 3: vege + glass of sparkling wine
WHERE: Ilica 73

10. Sveti Nikola

Restaurant Week Zagreb
WHAT: Macedonian cuisine
EXPECT: Macedonian national restaurant with cozy atmosphere, original specialties and sounds of ethnic notes. Recommendation: Čomlek (menu 3).
MENU 1: Macedonian MENU 2: Macedonian MENU 3: Macedonian
WHERE: Ulica kralja Zvonimira 78

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