Caffe and night bar Alcatraz

Looking for a cup of coffee in Zagreb? Caffe and night bar Alcatraz, Located in Preradovićeva 12, just next to the famous square Cvjetni trg and only five minutes by foot from the center of the city, will be the best place for a coffee break during the day. But it’ll be your favorite party spot at nightlife as well. Locals favor Alcatraz because it’s iconic place for daily meetups and a symbol for a nightlife in Zagreb.


By entering it, you’ll be impressed by huge amount of postcards and souvenirs gathered for years during travels around the world, so each one of them will tell you a genuine story. The atmosphere will remind you of a living room (indeed, a crowded living room with excellent service).

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It’s highly recommended to visit it at night on weekends when you can join parties and meet other folks who come to have some fun supported by a DJ that will refresh you with urban music from the 80’s till modern tunes. While other caffes lock their doors and say goodbye to their customers, Alcatraz starts to entertain you. Expect crazy nightlife till the dawn.

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Of course, besides coffee, music and great company, you’ll be able to enjoy in beer (domestic and foreign ones), spirits and juices. Prepare 12 to 20 kunas (1,6 to 2,7 euros) for a beer, while spirits cost from 7 kunas (0,9 euro) and up. We know you’ll get hungry of having party somewhere after the midnight, so we recommend you to regain strength with a tasty burger in Burgeraj just across the Alcatraz. Delicious hamburgers they prepare will bring you back to life!

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Alcatraz is open every day between 7 am till 4 am and between 9 am and 4 am on Sundays.

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