Basaricekova Street Zagreb: Hommage to History

When visiting the Upper Town Zagreb, you’ll probably pass through Basaricekova Street, but we want you to pay close attention when you climb there because the street is living history. Besides St. Mark church, which is just next to the street we are talking about, the Upper Town offers lot more.

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When you notice street number 4, remember that the place was once first brewery in Zagreb. That was long time ago, in 18th century, but they were modern as nowadays – the place used to organize cabaret shows!

Please, walk further and find street number 22 – that’s lovely baroque palace whose owners were very famous Croatian noblemen. If you continue your walk, you’ll also find great spot for refreshment in Basaricekova Street: get yourself a beer at Pod starim krovovima tavern – we can’t describe what this inn represents to locals, it’s iconic gathering place for all those people who truly love Zagreb. Next to the pub you’ll notice a courtyard that was used as a scene for very popular Croatian movie „Tko pjeva zlo ne misli“. Nearby you can find refreshment in Didov san restaurant, so if you want to taste traditional Croatian cuisine, don’t miss the place!

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When you reach the corner with Demetrova Street, you’ll step into Croatian art history: the house on the corner was once very popular city inn often visited by famous Croatian artists and writers. Unfortunately, the original building doesn’t exist anymore, but the one that stands today has interesting history too – it was the last home of Ante Topić Mimara – founder of Mimara museum. By the way, haven’t you seen the Museum yet?


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