8 documentaries you should see at ZagrebDox 2016.

International documentary film festival ZagrebDox, which takes place every year in late february for more than a decade now, aims to provide good selection of most recent documentaries from across the world. Over 160 films in international and regional competition program, retrospectives and special programs will satisfy documentary film fans as well as one-time passers. It is a really cool night out in depressive february! Give it a shot! From large selection of films and programes we selected 8:

1.Sonita, Iran, 90’/ Musical globe

22.02./ mon. 18:00h
27.02./ sat. 17:00h
Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award winning documentary film at Sundance Film Festival is about a brave 18-year-old rapper and Afghan immigrant living in Tehran, who has a clear vision of what she want – to become a musician. However, women in Iran are not allowed to sing, and her parents refuse to support their daughter’s choice and just want to marry her off.

2.Credit for murder, Israel, 87’/ Controversial Dox

22.02./ mon. 21:00h
In 2007. a shocking video appeared on YouTube showing two boys being brutally murdered by Russian neo-Nazis. The Israeli filmmaker Vladi Antonevicz decided to investigate this case, which gradually became an obsession for him. Together with his friend Shuravi, he spent six years searching for the truth behind this double murder.

3.Jihad: A story of the others, Norway, 49’/ Controversial Dox

23.02./ tue. 19:00h

The documentary looks at the intimate, personal reasons of several highly ranked Jihadi soldiers who reveal what drew them and how they got out of it. Film author Deeyah meets one of the godfathers of the British and Western Jihadi movement, who went abroad to fight, and who preached extremism to thousands of young Muslims across the UK and the West.

4.Cartel Land, USA, 98’/ International competition

23.02./ tue. 20:00h
24.02./ wed. 14:00h
27.02./ sat. 22:00h

Oscar 2016. nominee documentary is a story of two citizen vigilante groups on both sides of the American-Mexican border, who decided to take the fight against drug cartels into their own hands. On the Mexican side, the charming doctor Jose hunt gang members. Back in the USA, veteran and former drug addict Tim „Nailer” Foley tracks Mexican immigrants and smugglers.

5.Being George Clooney, USA, 76’/ Happy Dox

24.02./ wed. 22:00h
Amusing film that delves into the creative, often humorous world of audio dubbing a Hollywood motion picture. What do a German actor, a Brazilian ER doctor, a Japanese man who studied to be a lawyer and an author of children’s books have in common? They are some of the international dubbing voices of acclaimed actor George Clooney.

6.Ronaldo, GB, 107’/ Biography Dox

25.02./ thu. 20:00h

Cristiano Ronaldo is loved by millions, and misunderstood by almost as many. For the first time ever, a film crew is allowed to come up close to Cristiano Ronaldo, and through intimate interviews and effervescent archive material the story is told how the small boy from Santo Antonio became a true football monster. La Liga, Champions League and World Cup in Brazil from Ronaldo eyes.

7.The Érpatak model, Netherlands, 76’/ State of affairs

26.02./ fri. 22:00h

Hyper energetic and ultra nationalist mayor of Érpatak, is possessed by delusions of order, discipline and control. Zoltán Mihály Orosz is mayor of Érpatak, a village of 1,750 inhabitants in eastern Hungary. He divides the villagers into supporters and opponents of his Érpatak model. His goal is the creation of dictatorship where the supreme values are order, discipline and fighting spirit.

8.Chasing a dream, Serbia, 145’/ Factumentaries

27.02./ sat. 21:00h
Audience award winner at Sarajevo film festival is story about a series of events set into motion by a song, one only just completed, and an invitation to a graduation anniversary in home town. Wanting to start afresh after a twenty-year break, one man decides to track down the then ten-year-old actors from his first film that had been driven out of Sarajevo by the winds of war.

*All ZagrebDox screenings are with English subtitles except Retrospectives program: Author’s night Bruno Gamulin and Homo Homini Dox.
Where: Cineplexx Kaptol Centre, Nova Ves 17
When: 21.02. – 28.02.
Tickets: from 20kn (3€)
You can find more informations on zagrebdox.net

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