30 things you probably didn’t know about Zagreb!

Do you think you know everything there is to know about Croatian capital? Here are 30 facts you probably didn’t know about Zagreb!


1. Although Zagreb Cathedral is the tallest building in Croatia and Zagreb, Bussiness tower Zagrepčanka is higer with the help of big antenna on the top of the tower (up to 110m).

2. During the digging at Dolac before the opening of the market in 1930.,builders discovered human bones from former cemetery located by the nearby St. Mary Church.

3. Can we guess that you didn’t know about Zagreb shortest street –  Novodvorska in Trešnjevka borough with only 20 meters and 3 houses in the street?

4. In 1888. the bronze coin of Roman Emperor Diocletian from year 299. was found at Zagreb main square Trg bana Josipa Jelačića.

5. Branko Gavella-famous Croatian theatre director and theatrologist was the referee at first Croatian football championship match played in 1912. between AŠK Croatia and HTŠK Zagreb.

6. Basaričekova street in Upper Town was called „Brewer’s street“ thanks to first brewery in Zagreb (and second in Croatia) at Basarićekova 4 (from 1721. to 1848.).

7. In 1906. instead of a fee, renowed Croatian architect Viktor Kovačić received the right to build himself a apartment in loft at Masarykova 21 (today The Collection and Flat of the Viktor Kovačić).

8. Allegedly, the big chain by the Stone Gate at Kamenita street is from Lord Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory famous from the Battle of Trafalgar (1805.).

9. You can adopt a bat from Veternica cave (south-west corner of Medvednica mountain) and choose a name for it like Miki, Bobi, Faros, Maksimirko…

10. Zagreb has the only International Blind and Visually Impaired Theatre Festival in the world organized by Theatrical Company of the Blind and Visually Impaired “New Life”.

11. At The Memorial Centre of the Rocket Attacks on Zagreb 1991/1995 (Petrićeva 4) you can see the pieces of cluster bomb that landed on Children Hospital in Klaićeva street.

12. Architectural concept for Hypo Centar Zagreb (Slavonska avenija 6) came from famous USA architect and winner of the Pritzker Prize for Architecture, Thom Mayne.

13. “Blaumontag” is old and long-forgotten Zagreb custom in which craftsmans and their assistants took Monday as free day so they can relax and have a drink or two.

14. The oldest Zagreb elevator still in operation (since 1917.) is Stigler elevator in the Archaeological  Museum in Zagreb.

15. Guyana – Josip Generalić painting on glass from 1978. held in Gallery of Croatian Naive Art is inspired by mass suicide in Jonestown where 909 people killed themselves with poison.

16. Three large main chandeliers in the Zagreb Cathedral are from Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas as gift from Croatian immigrant Stefan Stankić.

17. The biggest graffiti art mural in Zagreb and Croatia (2000 m²) made by artist Stipan Tadić is at intersection of Zagrebačka avenija and Hrvatskog sokola street in Vrbani neighborhood.

18. In Zagreb City Museum you can find gilded bronze Oscar replica won by Dušan Vukotić for his cartoon Surrogate – the first Oscar ever given to animated film creator who was not an American.

19. During the building a foundation of house at Frankopanska 8 (today Gavella Theatre) in early 20th century, construction workers found the bone of woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius).

20. In the late 19th century at Lotrščak Tower in Upper Town there was a Coffe house, pastry shop and first billiard table in Zagreb.

21. Famous Croatian writer Miroslav Krleža was born in the building in Radićeva street where famous old-school intellectual joint Krolo MK stands from 1981.

22. Path called Dubravkin put in Tuškanac forest was previously known as Sofijin put by wife of famous ban Josip Jelačić.

23. You probably didn’t know about Zagreb that first fountain (know as „the mushroom“) was designd by Herman Bolle and built in Zrinjevac Park in 1878.

24. In the 18th century all city prisoners sentenced to death were executed at former North Gate (today intersection of Nova ves and Zvonarička street).

25. Famous contemporary sculptor Tomislav Ostoja made 9 public sculptures and monuments placed at different corners of Zagreb open areas.

26. Nobody knows why, but by the old Zagreb custom (superstition) you must walk on the left or right side of the iron pillars when you go through the Stone Gate at Upper Town.

27. In Mimara Museum you can see works of Rafael, Rembrandt, Goya, Renoir and Degas, in Zagreb Cathedral there is Durer altar painting and in Zagreb City Museum painting created by Marc Chagall.

28. It’s difficult to look at the floor when you are walking through Zagreb streets, but if you do, try to find sewer manholes with big Zagreb coat of arms (little help: Tkalčićeva street and Upper Town).

29. At the corner of Krvavi Most and Tkalčićeva street (today Marija JurićZagorka Library) in the late 19th century there was the first telephone exchange in Zagreb.

30. Behind the walls of Zagreb Cathedral there was a fishpond (today Ribnjak Park) where clerics used to catch fish for Friday meal.

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