13 days of Halloween in Zagreb

Would you like to experience Halloween in Zagreb? During the 13 days of Halloween (19.10.-31.10.2016) you can come to some of spooky-fun adventures and win scary prizes!


Find out more about the witches and the ghosts of Zagreb, explore the dark history of the city with Secret Zagreb Walks, Gornjogradske coprnice, come into the virtual world of fear at LegameStudio, play the ultmate adrenalin escape game in the Escape Room Enigmarium Zagreb or Roomescape Zagreb by Fox in a box or travel to the torture museum Tortureum – Muzej torture. And ofcourse, win a bunch of scary prizes!



For every visit to one of these adventures you get a coupon that will be entered in the prize giveaway on November, 2, 2016, when the organizers will give their lucky winners 30 tickets for fun, spooky and educational adventures.

You dont think this is spooky enough? On the 2nd of November your coupon will be put in a witches cauldron along with a paw of a limping bat, a strawberries that are riped under a full moon, a curly red hair of a boy born on February 29, and a few of secret ingredients (you dont have to know everything). Then the ingredients will be mixed, cooked and Coprnice witches will take the prizes out. So if you want to see some of witches craftery you just have to come and collect your prizes.


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