10 steps to perfect Valentine’s Day in Zagreb

No mater what you and your loved one think about celebration of Valentine’s Day, these days time for romance is all around us. And entire Zagreb Upper Town is really romatic stage for perfect Valentine’s Day in Zagreb. Even with umbrella. So go with a flow…

1.Dinner reservation, gift and Valentine’s card

Valentine's Day in Zagreb Few days earlier make a reservation for dinner in one of the restaurants in Zagreb. Suggested web pages with good restaurants list you can find below. And do not forget to buy a little present and write a Valentine’s card or love letter.

2.Rose (Petar Preradović square)

Valentine's Day in Zagreb

Express yourself with a rose. It sounds cheesy, but do not underestimate the queen of flowers. Rose is a classic. Big stuffed heart with message „I love you” is cheesy. Avoid it. Perfect place to buy a rose is one of the little flower shops at Flower square (Petar Preradović square).

3.Meeting spot (Ban Josip Jelačić square)

Valentine's Day in Zagreb

Big clock on the west side of the main Ban Josip Jelačić square is city No.1 meeting point for almost a century. It can be a little bit crowded on Valentine’s Day , but you will manage. Perfect place for a rose and first kiss. From there take a romantic stroll up to Radićeva street.

4.Kissing spot (Radićeva street)

Valentine's Day in Zagreb

When you come to little stairs leading left to Stone Gate give your love a big kiss. Saint George from the nearby statue of Saint George killing the dragon will keep watch on you. The dragon is already death, don’t be afraid. Continue towards St Mark’s square.

5.Selfie spot (St Mark’s square)

Valentine's Day in Zagreb

St Mark’s square is great romantic selfie spot with photogenic tiled roof of St Mark’s Church and Croatian Parliament and Government on side. And maybe this is the right place to be juvenile again and make a few mute dance steps under the stars!

6.Warm up spot (Basarićekova street 8)

Valentine's Day in Zagreb

Zagreb oldest inn – Pod starim krovovima (since 1830.) is perfect warm up spot with feels like home atmosphere, wooden barrels, fireplace and piano.There is no better place in Zagreb Upper Town for warm old-school romance feeling.

7.View spot (Lotrščak Tower plateau)

Valentine's Day in Zagreb

After warming up, go to view point plateau below Lotrščak Tower. Fantastic view over the city centre is romatic spot for another long kiss and moment to remember. From there continue east via Strossmayer Promenade.

8.Surprise spot (Strossmayer Promenade)

Valentine's Day in Zagreb

Choose one gas lantern (of 214 still active and manually turned on/off every day in the evening by gas lamp man) at Strossmayer Promenade. Under the lantern light you are ready for gift and handwritten card or love letter. Love knockdown!

9.Wish spot (Zakmardi stairs)

Valentine's Day in Zagreb

Is there a better place for a long-lasting love wish then by the trendy love locks at the begining/end of Zakmardi stairs? Before the last step, romantic dinner in restaurant, give your love another kiss and tell her again that she is beautiful. And again, and again…


Valentine's Day in Zagreb

Last station of perfect Zagreb Valentine’s Day is nice dinner in one of the Zagreb restaurants. And be a gentelman and follow the rules of good manners to the end. Actually, dinner is another beginning. The end will be between the sheets! Bon appetite!

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