Top 5 Beaches in Split

Top 5 Beaches in Split

Here are the Top 5 Beaches in Split – enjoy it!

1. Bačvice

Although in Split you can take a swim in almost every corner, every local will tell you about the most popular beach in Split called Bačvice.

top 5 beaches split

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It is a sandy beach located about 15 minutes walk from the city center (promenade Riva) in the direction of the main station. If you want to go by car there is parking just above the beach but only available at an additional cost. Due to the fine sand and low water level, this beach is suitable for families with little children. On the beach, there are cafes, deck chairs, parasols. Please note that this beach is full of swimmers during the summer months. That is why we advise you not to carry expensive things with you.

top 5 beaches split


What could attract your attention on this beach is the fun game picigin, which is protected as a cultural heritage. The main rule is that the ball must not fall into the water. You’ll see both younger and older people tossing themselves across the sea to throw the ball away with their palms and prevent it from falling into the water, and you might
even join them too. A shower is also available on the beach. Split beach festivals also take
place here during the day. When the sun goes down on Bačvice, the nightlife comes to life. The clubs stretch in a row one after the other all the way to the place called Zenta.

2. Obojena Beach

Obojena Beach is located just behind the Zvončac Park, where people usually come for a picnic.

top 5 beaches split

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You can even reach it on foot. From the city center (Riva) you need about 20 minutes
walk. If you have a car, next to Zvončac Park you also have parking but at an additional cost. Beach Obojena is a pebble beach, very clean, without crowds, but does not offer any facilities. It is popular for its simplicity. Silence, sea, and the sun. There is only one cafe nearby.

3. Kašjuni Beach

It is a pebble beach that was renovated in 2016. This beach is special because it
offers a wonderful view of the park forest Marjan, as well as many small churches that spring from the rocks. It is also suitable for children. Favorite among locals and tourists.

top 5 beaches split

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There is a cafe that offers additional facilities such as deck chairs and parasols. It is
important to emphasize that there is a nudist beach nearby if you go to the west side.

We recommend going to it by bus or car. You have free
parking here.

4. Beach Bene

The last stop of bus no. 12 leads to the northwest side of Marjan and to the beach Bene.

top 5 beaches split

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Here you will find a real oasis of peace and the cleanest sea, although the sand can make the water muddy somedays. Watch out for sea urchins, but also for rocks if you enter the sea from inaccessible terrain. On the beach, there is a quiet cafe, restaurant, many facilities for sports
activities such as tennis courts, running tracks, trampolines, football field, children’s playground, outdoor gym, etc. The equipment is very good and you can spend the whole day there. Due to the dense pine forest, you will be constantly protected from the sun.

5. Žnjan


The fifth most popular beach that locals recommend is Žnjan, which has several smaller pebble beaches. It is a favorite because of the large available free parking and facilities for children such as trampolines, playground, car tracks, etc. Right next to the beach there are cafes and public toilets. This beach, like Bačvice, is full of swimmers during the summer and does not offer shelter from the sun. If you don’t like crowds, we don’t recommend it. Right next to Žnjan is the somewhat quieter beach Trstenik.


If you are not a fan of big crowds and noise, then the beaches at the foot of Marjan are just for you. If you are located in the city center, and you want to go to quieter beaches, it is enough to come in front of the church of St. Frane and wait for bus no. 12 whose timetable you can see here.  Bus no. 12 runs towards Obojena beach, then Kašjuni and at the very end to Bene beach. Depending on which beach you want to go to it is best to ask the driver which station you
should get off at. We recommend that you use smaller money to pay for the bus ticket. The drive to the last beach takes about 10-15 minutes. There is also a tourist train to Bene beach from two starting points: the Golden Gate and Sv. Frane. The daily schedule is subsequently published on the website of the Tourist Board of the City of Split.

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