Split – everything you need to know

Split – everything you need to know

Split is a city of rich cultural and historical heritage, a city of art and sumptuous architecture that is worth seeing. It is also a city of wonderful restaurants, bars, and good entertainment. For those who visit it for the first time, it is certainly a real experience. With that keep reading our Everything you need to know blog and get to know the best localities and places in the city of Split.


Tipps for Fun

  1. First of all, fighting with lasers in Laser tag is a great opportunity for friendly gatherings. The adrenaline attraction presents modern paintball using lasers in a huge spaceship, fog illuminated by UV lights, and special sound and light effects. Simply a unique experience.
best entertainment centre croatia

Laser tag

2. The next fun destination in the adrenaline park is the Skywalk. The adrenaline rush is in the urban center. An exclusive 90+ minute rooftop walk via ferrata, which doesn’t require any special skills or experience Visit behind the scenes of the stadium, using service paths and catwalks high above the fiels made publicly accessible exclusively for this tour. In addition to seeing the sunset on the roof of the most interesting landmark of the city of Split – the Poljud stadium, you can also descend by rope 70 m above the stadium and see this destination that way.

Skywalk Poljud


3. Play padel in the first padel center in Split. Since it’s a sport played only in pairs, it will be good fun and will awaken the competitive spirit of the players.
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4. A yellow taxi will be responsible for quick and easy transportation. It is definitely the cheapest taxi in the city, which is the best that offers the same prices all year round. In addition, it is the only taxi that allows the transport of animals.

Yellow Taxi

5. The Italian design in the Katarina boutique will delight you. Luviss bags made of eco-leather, which you can find in the same store, are an indispensable fashion accessory for every lady, characterized by a high-quality, beautiful, modern design, but at the same time, at affordable prices. Among other things, they broke into the market precisely because their main material is linen.

boutique katarina

Boutique Katarina

Many people consider the kebab to be a traditional Turkish dish. However, when you try the kebab at Kebabsito in Split, you will realize that it is the best kebab. They also offer vegetarian dishes.

kebabsito best kebab split


Beach is always a good idea

  1. One of the five most famous beaches in Split is Bačvice beach. When you think of Split, you think of Bačvice
    and vice versa. Besides the small town and the most famous beach in Croatia, when Bačvice is mentioned,
    many of us think of picigin, which is played throughout the year.
top 5 beaches split

Source: tripadvisor.com Bačvice Beach

2. Obojena beach is known by the name Kaštelet among older residents, but its popular name is Obojena, and it got its name from a famous bar called Obojena svjetlost.

top 5 beaches split

Source: beachsearcher.com
Obojena Beach

3. Kašjuni beach is located at the westernmost point of the city. The beach was completely renovated in 2016. On the beach, there are many deckchairs and a beach bar that turns into a club at night. The path to the beach is easier, the stones are suitable for children and it is easier to enter the sea.

top 5 beaches split

Source: worldbeachguide.com Kašjuni Beach

4. Although it is more difficult to access than other beaches due to its location west of Marjan, Bene is still among the most popular beaches in Split. It is connected by bus line number 12. As Bene is one of the few beaches with a pine forest that creates natural shade, the quality of this beach is getting better and better. The beach is well equipped with showers, trash cans, restaurants, tennis courts, and a children’s playground.

top 5 beaches split

Source: beachrex.com Bene Beach

5. Žnjan is located in the eastern part of Split and is very accessible due to the huge parking lot, which also makes it ideal for large families. There is also a mini-park for children with trampolines and bouncy castles on Žnjan, and there are numerous cafes where adults can relax.

Žnjan Beach
Source: beachrex.com


  1. The Klis Fortress is a medieval fortress situated above a village bearing the same name, near Split, Croatia. If you find yourself in Dalmatia, the fortress is not to be missed. The killer view is the view from the top of the fortress alone is worth the small price you pay to enter.

Source: wikipedia.com

2. Salona was an ancient city and the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia. Salona is located in the modern town of Solin, next to Split, in Croatia. These old remainders of one of the most important Roman cities
with over 60000 inhabitants can be compared with Naples’s Pompeii.

Ancient Salona
Source: getbybus.com

4. Diocletian’s Palace, known as a huge roman complex in Split, is one of the best preserved roman buildings from late antiquity. Indeed, this palace doesn’t look like the palaces of other roman emperors. Unlike this palace, palaces of the most roman emperors were designed as villas. This property is much smaller and different. In spite of that, Diocletian’s Palace is wonderful and very unique.

interesting facts split

Diocletian’s Palace Source: windrosailing.com

5. Marjan forest park is located near the city center. Today it is known as a place for leisure and sports. The place is often visited by tourists. It creates a natural shade. The promenade is about 3.5 m long. On Marjan, in addition to numerous beaches, you can also find tennis courts, training equipment, and showers. All content is free.

marjan forest park

Marjan Forest Park
Source: http://www.marjan-parksuma.hr/galerija/setnja-marjanom/1/ssetnica-od-prvevidilice-do-svetog-nikole/



  1. A place that will delight you with burgers and different types of beer is Plan B. Although it is a burger bar, the offer is varied, from pizza to different types of salad and pasta.

Plan B

2. Vegan food is offered by the restaurant Veg. The restaurant carefully selects the ingredients for each dish and offers delicacies for everyone’s palate. The goal is to provide clients with the highest quality and healthiest
food possible.


3. The lounge bar “Galerija, lounge i ostalo”  is located in the immediate vicinity of the city center, where you can experience a combination of live music and a variety of summer cocktails.

Galerija, lounge i ostalo

4. A beautifully located restaurant with delicious vegan food and excellent service is the Barakokula restaurant. I would recommend this place to any vegan, vegetarian or omnivore.


5. Restaurant and bar Cibus is in Podstrana near Split directly on the beach. Enjoy delicious fish and meat meals with an amazing sea view.


6. There are fewer and fewer corners where quality traditional dishes can be prepared using only local ingredients. One such place whose cuisine offered love, at first sight, is the Opatija restaurant.


7. Meat with a good glass of wine is worth trying at the Maslina tavern. A large selection of nutritious ingredients will surely satisfy your appetite and delight your taste buds. And when you want to taste the best classic, you mean pizza.


Shopping & More

  1. Dental office Dentelli, with top-notch staff and technology, restores smiles to patients’ faces every day. They provide a wide range of dental services. The children’s department is specially designed to have a playroom to dispel children’s fears before entering the office. In addition to a corner for children, they also have a corner for pets. Its mission is to provide exceptional, high-quality service based on experience, expertise, and trust, and the relaxing atmosphere of bright space, modern decoration, and colorful children’s corners for the little ones to erase any fear, turning the arrival into a pleasant experience.

Dentelli Clinic

2. Studio Vibe X Brico Mlaji is one of the impressive places with the highest ratings for the city of Split in the entire section of hair salons. Along with good service, and a pleasant atmosphere, you will also have a great

Studio Vibe x Brico Mlaji

3. Good shopping doesn’t require much thought. Going to the capital of Croatia for Designer Outlet Croatia has never been easier. There you can find more than 100 fashion and lifestyle brands, including Boss, Patrizia
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In the end, enjoy your summer in Split with us and thank us later. 🙂

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