Interesting facts about Split

Interesting facts about Split

If you are spending you’re summer holidays in Split – here are some interesting facts you shouldn’t miss.

interesting facts split


1. Diocletian’s Palace

Diocletian’s Palace is protected as a UNESCO heritage site built in the 4th century as the retirement home of Emperor Diocletian.

During the summer months, the vestibule and Peristil are used for musical events. Along the south side of the palace where the sea used to splash the walls is today’s city promenade Riva.

Diocletian’s Palace has featured in some key Game of Thrones scenes.

Anyway, this gem is worth the visit!

interesting facts split


2. People of Split

The city of Split is 1700 years old. It has an abundance of cultural heritage. The city of Split has the title of the city with the highest number of Olympic medals per capita. Many famous
athletes were born in Split. Among them are Goran Ivanišević-tennis player, Mario Ančić– tennis player, Aljoša Asanović-football player, Blanka Vlašić-athlete, Nikola Vlašiž-football player, Ivano Balić-handball player, Dino Rađa-basketball player, Tonči Kukoč-basketball
player and many others.

3. Time for coffee

The people of Split are recognizable for wearing sunglasses even when it is not sunny. It is simply a Split outfit. Also that there is always time for coffee on the Riva.

interesting facts split


The people of Split are temperamental. They have the best fan group called Torcida. The local club is Hajduk Split.

4. Make a wish

The 8-meter statue of Gregory of Nin fulfills a wish. A symbol of the struggle for equality and a guardian of the Croatian language and culture. Bishop Grgur Ninski lived in the 10th century and fought to have the Mass spoken in the Slavic language and to get closer to everyone, not just the privileged. The famous sculptor Ivan Meštrović made 3 statues of Gregory of Nin in the 20th century. The statue is in the position of reading the Bible and preaching. How does magic work? By touching the thumb and making a wish. We take
photos along the way.

Split has a father of Croatian literature named Marko Marulić. The famous 15th century writer was once so popular that some of his works have been published in the Far East.

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5. The sphinxes

As many as 12 Egyptian sphinxes were found in Split and brought to Split during the reign of Emperor Diocletian. Emperor Diocletian was a great admirer of Egyptian culture.

6. Picigin

Picigin on Bačvice beach is a popular game that is so addictive. The ball is passed and must not touch the sea. For all ages, there is a world championship in picigin.

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7. Ultra Music Festival

Split is the host of the Ultra Music Festival, which is very popular in the world of electronic music lovers. This year, 8 editions have been announced. It starts in Split and after the islands
of Brač and Hvar it ends at the Vis Fortress Fortica.

interesting facts split

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