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Best award winning wine list in Pula city center

When I read how bad alcohol is, I stopped reading.”
– Henry Youngman

Wine&tapas bar Tappo offers a spectrum of best Istrian rewarded wines. You can drink wine on a deciliter in a cup or order a whole bottle. Wine opens the appetite, so if you get hungry, take a menu and see the wine&tapas bar Tappo  food offer. Delicious snacks that you can taste in wine & tapas bar Tappo will delight you with a variety of flavors and  imaginative food combinations. Wine&tapas bar Tappo is suitable place for friendly gatherings or large groups arrival and long night out with friends. Tappo is serving food every day and night – so if you are going to drink more wine than usual, you will not starve because ther’s various local Istrian food you can order on platter for more people.  It is better to eat and drink in group, isn’t it? The menu of wine & tapas bar Tappo is full with interesting combinations of rustic Istrian and modern cuisine with many novelties.

Wine bar Tappo


You will be thrilled by delicious snacks – so called ”finger food” that you can order any time on woody plates. Numerous variations of Istrian cuisine with imaginative additions and novelties are thrown in these Tappo’s snacks. In wine&tapas bar Tappo you can snack crunchy bread with pâtés, tartar pate made of beef, fresh cheese, various types of salami as ossiocolo, budgola, prosciutto or ham. You can also order a tray with various kinds of cheeses – we especially recommend cheese with truffles. Truffles are the number one specialty and thanks to it each dish got very intense flavor. The snacks are refreshed with bean sprouts, numerous salads, as well as pickled vegetables such as olives, peppers and cucumbers. For better taste add some domestic olive oil on your food. Wine bar Tappo offers different type of snack, and not only with salami or cheese – there’s also fish finger food or pates on the menu. If you want to eat fish appetizers, you will enjoy a delicious plate with salty sardines and anchovies, which must be completed with domestic olive oil drops and fresh salad.

Wine&tapas bar Tappo canapei

Canapei in wine & tapas bar Tappo will delight you with interesting combinations, looks and taste! With the company and the good wine the dish becomes more delicious!

If you plan a long night out, or just want to have abundant meal then we would rather reccomend you fine meat dish of wine bar Tappo. The choice of meat specialties is great and it serves on interesting wooden platters. Taste Istrian ombolo, this meat specialty is among the best dishes of Istrian cuisine and it is well combined with cherry tomatoes, ruccola, salty types of cheese and roasted potatoes. Besides Istrian ombolo, you can have tasty steak beef with numerous supplements – fresh salads or roasted vegetables and potatoes.

Wine bar Tappo beef

A delicious steak of wine & tapas bar Tappo with crispy potatoes and delicious cherry tomatoes. Buon apetite!

You have not eat a full meal in wine bar Tappo, sometimes is just a plate of fries potatoes with spices or cheese and truffles enough for long night stand with friends while you are drinking wine or beer. Dietary foods that are ideal for snack, dinner or brunch during the hot summer days is available at wine bar Tappo – there are numerous of rich salads with several types of snacks complete with cheese, tuna or meat. Furthermore, Tappo has a good selection of risotto and seafood appetizers. Buon apetite and cheers!

Vino i snack wine bara Tappo

Wine and delicious snack in one of the numerous types. Take your time and enjoy, taste a bit of everything!

The interior of the Tappo wine bar corresponds to the existing trends in architecture, design and tapas bars. The interior of Tappo exudes a gentle rustic elegance combined with modern industrial design. Wooden high bar tables on metal legs, wall surfaces in places are coated with Istrian stone, and metal details with fence are arranged on the walls and parts of the space. The design of the bar and overlays that goes above the bar table follows novelties of contemporary design and looks like industrial motives. Food and wine are serving on  imaginative and unusual platters,  food is served on wooden plates that looks extremely modern and creative.

After work party Wine bar Tappo

Wine&tapas bar Tappo is perfect place for friendly gatherings, all-night stands and best thing is that you can order some food any time during day and night. Kitchen is open all night long!

The Tappo bar is open all year-long and organizes events on weekends so called ” after work parties” with live music until morning hours. Don’t miss that great gourmet entertainment in this pleasant and modern ambiance in the city center of Pula!


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