Top 5 Events in Pula – Summer 2021

Top 5 Events in Pula – Summer 2021

Pula is a wonderful sea city. It´s history and small streets really make it unique on our coast. If you are visiting Pula this summer,  don’t miss our Top 5 Events in Pula in the Summer of 2021.

top 5 events pula


1. Jazz Concerts

Where? Portarata Square

When? 07/07/2021, 21/07/2021, 28/07/2021, 04/08/2021, 11/08/2021, 25/08/2021

During the summer there are a lot of concerts. After your dinner go to Portarata Square and enjoy your summer nights even more. Listen to the sounds of jazz music, have a glass of wine and dance!
top 5 events pula


2. Istrian Handmade Fair

Where? Forum Square

When? Mondays & Tuesdays in July & August

You can´t go home without authentic Croatian products.  At the Summer Fair of Istrian souvenirs you can buy traditional souvenirs and crafts from local craftsmen. This is the perfect opportunity to buy local and traditional, Croatian and Istrian souvenirs for you and your friends.

top 5 events pula


3. Wine City

Where? Titov park, Carrarina Street

When? 15. – 31.07.2021

A unique open-air wine bar with promo prices of wine and suitable gastro offer. Enjoy a good glass of wine during summer nights! The entrance is free of charge.

4. 68th Pula Film Festival

top 5 events pula


Where? Arena Pula

When? 17.-24.07.2021.

Visit the oldest film festival in Croatia and enjoy movie nights under the stars in  the well-preserved Vespasian’s amphitheater dating from the 1st century AD. A truly amazing experience!

You can check the schedule and buy the tickets here.

5. Gladiators “Spectacvla Gladiatoria”

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Where? Park Plaza Verudela Resort

When? 26.07., 01, 08, 15, 24, 30.08. & 05.09.2021.

Durin the day you can visit numerous Roman Empire monuments. And later in the evening, this show will take you on a real historical journey through the time of ancient Rome. Don´t miss this top summer event and watch an authentic Gladiator fight. 

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