Ribarska Koliba Restaurant

Best fish restaurant in Pula with a century-old tradition

Fish delicacies served near the sea waves

Did you come to Pula for a vacation? Do you wonder where you can eat good fish near the sea in Pula? Fortunately, we have a verified answer to that question.  Many satisfied guests and local gourmets recommended Ribarska koliba . Fish and seafood, freshly caught and purchased from local suppliers, are prepared in 1000 and 1 ways in this fish restaurant. Ribarska Koliba is one of the Best fish restaurant in Pula with a century-old tradition.

Pleasant, bright and airy ambiance which is predominantly white with brown accents  and wine bottles in the showcases. Tables are arranged with flowers and candles.  Marina in front of the Ribarska koliba, the  bay of Verudela, the Sand Bay (Pješčana uvala)  are visible trough the windows.

Ribarska Koliba Restaurant

 Plesant, bright and cozy ambiance will make you stay as long as you can.

It’s hard to choose best  time to eat in the Ribarska koliba.  In the sunlight you can see the bay, but during  the night you can dine under  the starlight.

Ribarska Koliba Restaurant

Would you rather dine alongside the romantic sunburn and the lively ambiental music?

What can you eat in Ribarska koliba? Mainly a variety of seafood dishes with lots of novelties in cooking that staff surprises us every season. Fish delicacies, enjoyable for the eye and the palate, but also beneficial for the health! Brancin – the king among the fish of the Adriatic sea, is always available  here and cooks prepare it in many imaginative ways.

Ribarska Koliba Restaurant

Taste the finest fish that you can find in Adriatic sea – we named it Brancin.


Ribarska Koliba Restaurant

Excellent risotto made of seafood – fish, shrimp and shells!

Fish pate and carapaces will refresh your palate and prepare you for the great fish feast. Baccalar bianco, carpaccio and fish pates are excellent appetizers, especially if you add some lemon juice or olive oil.  Start your dinner with good white wine and enjoy the sequel of fish dishes.

Ribarska Koliba Restaurant

 Jakob’s hats – delicioush shells from our sea. Very tasty meal especially with various sauces. The rest of the shell is a wonderful decoration

The octopus is an unavoidable part of every fish restaurant. Best way to prepare octopus is  baking  it under the ”peka” with tasty domestic potatoes. Octopus is also perfect for the salad with autonomous olive oil and complete with fragrant Mediterranean plants.

Ribarska Koliba Restaurant

Octopus is perfect for the salad with autonomous olive oil and complete with fragrant Mediterranean plants. Combine it with good wine!

Ribarska koliba offers a huge specter of shellfish served on a platter, mixed in risotto, cooked in pasta sauce or mixed with fish dish or fish soup. Try to eat different types of crabs which cost more or less. You will not make mistake if you choose lobster, but don’t worry, here you can taste smaller types of crabs. If you eat the whole fish, here are some tips for removing the fish bones . First you have to remove the fins – upper and lower, then remove the ankle’s fins,  in the end dissolve the fille and remove the biggest bones with the head. For full enjoyment in grilled fish – put on some fresh parsley and  garlic, sprinkle it with lemon juice and olive oil. Buon appetite!


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