Boccaporta Istrian tavern

Boccaporta – best Istrian dishes

”Plesant word is like a honeycomb”

– Boccaporta’s proverb

The typical Istrian ambience – a combination of stone and wooden beams with a large fireplace gives a real home atmosphere. Boccaporta offers forgotten Istrian recipes which get s a new dimension in the hands of the main chef. The Boccaporta’s dishes tells the Istrian story from multiple angles of view, or to be more precise, the taste. The resources of Istrian forests, villages, farms, gardens and the sea is compounded into an indigenous homely, personal story.


Cozy ambiance, family tavern with domestic verse. Boccaporta is great choice in every part of the year.

The dishes of our ancestors adapted to the needs of current guests are richly served on plaits and plates. The warm ambiance combined with wood and ornaments from the Istrian farmhouses provide a feeling of home, and here you will eat well – as if you were at your own house!


Cold Istrian plata – indispensable domestic prosciutto, homemade cheese and wine accompanied with pickled vegetables. There is no Istrian host who has not greeted his guests with such a delicacy!

Boccaporta’s highlights are meat specialties and homemade pasta. Istrian goulash, chopsticks and steaks in sauce, Istrian sausages on the grill, meat prepared in oven or bake under the iron bell will satisfy even the most demanding palate.


 The meat dish that is most popular in Boccaporta – a knead with roasted potatoes. It goes well with the native Istrian wine -Terran. 

Meat delicacies combine with homemade, tasty potatoes that blend with smell and roasting sauce. If you are in the mood for new tastes –  try the exceptionally deliciously baked meat under the iron bell – ”peka”. The dishes that are stored under the “peka” are better because it’s taste intensify and rates with each other. Meat, fish and vegetables are much better when it’s baked under the “pekom”.


Would you rather eat ”light” meal with less calories? Try white meat dish in sauce improved with Istrian Truffles!

If you like interesting combinations of meat, vegetables, salads and pasta, then you will be delighted with the news from Boccaportine cuisine –  home made gnocchi combined with cycle, Istrian sausages and curd.


The Boccaporta’s novelty is home made gnocchi combined with cycle, Istrian sausages and curd. A delicious meal full of vitamins.

Fans of stews will love Istrian maneštra – the minestrone soup. Why do Istrian hosts cook minestrone soup at least once a week? You will find that up as soon as you taste it, trust us, you will seek the chef for a recipe!


Istrian minestrone soup – maneshtra! You will cry for more!

Delicious and homemade meat, vegetables or fresh seafood are served here on daily basis, and desserts are also carefully prepared according to autonomous recipes with the little chef”s tricks for the ultimate pleasure. For dessert, try the Labinjons donuts – this is an indigenous dish that must not be forgotten!


Donuts of Labin – autonomous reciepie that we can’t let to be forgotten. Neader do you, and after you taste it you will know why!

The dishes prepared according to traditional recipes enhanced with  bacon, trufles and other dynamic flavors will leave an impression that is hard to forget. The Boccaporte menu is peculiar and colorful so you can eat quality meals at any time of the year here. Istrian people have always been known as exceptional hosts always focused on guest needs. Here you can try real Istrian specialties, hot or cold, but do not forget to drink good wine from the best local porter. Order the wine that your host recommends. The homely and warm atmosphere of this small family tavern will make you smile and elicit your compliments. Please note that Boccaporta gives you free drink after the meal – buon appetite!

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