Aura Karbun – Awards

Aura Karbun – Awards

Distillery Aura is a family and award-winning distillery located in Istria, with a lot of stores and a unique distillery tour offer. Their Aura Karbun – Awards winning gin is famous!

aura karbun awards


Croatian award-winning products

The Aura Distillery from Istria is a very successful distilerry which has won gold medals for its products worldwide.

This year, Gin Karbun won a gold medal at the World Spirits Award 2021, and also at our Vinistra.

As the owner and director, Mišel Sirotić, says, this is a proof that long lasting hard work always pays off.

Gin Karbun is interesting because it goes in a filtration process through an activated carbon, which additionaly purifies the distillate. That´s why it is named Karbun, and it is served with a piece of activated carbon, which you get with the bottle.

The main ingredient – blueberries – are harvested on a nearby mountain Ćićarija. That´s where the other wild herbs and fruits are being harvested for Aura liquers and brandies.


Premium Istrian Gin

Aura offers 22 types of various brandies and liquers, and 3 types of gin.

Aside from Karbun, which is a  London dry style in production and has 39,2% of alcohol, they also have Navy Strength Gin. This is the first Croatian Navy Strength Gin, also named Karbun, but the process of production is different.

It has also won the gold medal at the world competition The spirits business Gin Masters 2021. It has won the Master medal, which is the only one higher from gold medal. This is awarded only to the product that has been rated by all judges in the competition one rank above gold.

Furthermore, you can find their shops in Istria and you can also see the brandies and gin production process. It is interesting that you can see and experience the entire production process.

In other words, come and enjoy in the award winning Croatin gins.

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