Top 5 beaches in Dubrovnik

Top 5 beaches in Dubrovnik

Summer in Dubrovnik is a must if you are a passionate traveler. From rich cultural monuments and fun day activities to tasty Mediterranean food and romantic evenings, everyone can find something for themselves in this Adriatic gem.  If you’re looking for places you must visit for a fun swimming day with your family, friends, or a partner, these are the Top 5 beaches in Dubrovnik we recommend.


1. Banje beach 

With its view of the beautiful Old Town of Dubrovnik, Banje beach will be a top location for your photo session for Instagram or a private album. It offers a variety of sunbeds and it has a fancy restaurant and a bar right next to it. It is located just 5 min away walking from the Ploce gate of the Old Town.

Top 5 beaches in Dubrovnik

How to get to the Banje beach

2. Danče beach

If you’re not into beaches and more a fan of stones, this is the place for you. Danče beach is a place where locals love to gather and it has a small bar right next to the sea where you can get a seat mostly only in the morning. Its special atmosphere represents a real Mediterranean easy going way of life the locals in Dubrovnik live. It is located 10 min walking from the Pile gate of the Old Town, underneath the beautiful park Gradac.

Top 5 beaches in Dubrovnik

How to get to the Danče beach

3. Copacabana beach Dubrovnik

Experience a dream-like day at this beach with top quality service. It is located at one of Croatia’s most beautiful coves and it offers a curated collection of exclusive drinks and delicacies. Enjoy a wide variety of simple yet profound dishes made only from Mediterranean ingredients of the highest quality. You can rent a round bed, baldachin bed, regular sunbed, etc. if wanted. It is a real sea, sun, wine and sunset medicine.

Top 5 beaches in Dubrovnik

How to get to the Copacabana beach Dubrovnik

4. Coral beach

This beach offers a designer-elegant and fashionably modern boho exterior, two spacious pebble beaches and a seaside open-air restaurant in between, giving you an awesome view into a beautiful bay and to the surrounding Elaphiti island. It is a unique luxury beach club concept combining your favorite beach activities with SPA elements, excellent dining, a wide range of entertainment, multiple bars, stunning views and exceptional electronic music. It sure offers an impressive atmosphere to create unforgettable memories in Dubrovnik.

Top 5 beaches in Dubrovnik

How to get to the Coral beach

5. Pasjača beach

If you’re not into crowded and loud beaches, this is the ideal place for you. Pasjaca beach is located in Popovici, a secluded place where the Konavle rocks drop steeply into the Adriatic Sea and where a narrow sand-gravel strip of peculiar beauty has formed between the land and the sea. There are a lot of stairs that lead to the beach, but believe us, it is worth it. It is definitely a place you won’t forget.

Top 5 beaches in Dubrovnik

How to get to the Pasjača beach

Enjoy swimming in the sea!


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