If you are lucky enough, you may find yourself counting last seconds to midnight on Stradun, the most beautiful street in the world. New Year’s Eve in Dubrovnik has become a very popular event in the last few years, gathering more and more people all around the world and from Croatia.

Prepare, it is going to be cold, little bit windy, but in that crowd you won’t mind it.

Everything starts tonight: you can enjoy an open air concert of famous Croatian singer, Petar Grašo. Also, in Revelin club, you can visit Željko Joksimović concert, but as far as we know, all tickets are sold. Last, but not least, in club Lazareti, you can hear popular rock bend Let 3, followed by few DJ’s. Since the Winter festival is still on, you can just wander around town, visit small white houses all over the Old town where you can buy food and drinks for good prices.

On 31st of December, you can choose many different options. In the morning, there will be New Year for kids (noon). You will enjoy good music and good mood, which is always present on this day J

In the evening, we recommend you an open air concert on Stradun, with great fireworks at midnight. Also, all bars are open longer than usually, so you can change the place every half an hour if you get bored. Later, you can choose between Lazareti (techno party), Revelin and Sky bar.

In the meantime, in Uvala Lapad, there will be fundraising concert where many different Dubrovnik bands will play. So, for those who like rock ‘n’ roll, this is the best place.

Sure, all around town there would be private celebrations, many hotels are offering dinner parties with live music, drinks and fireworks. You can check online if you are interested in that kind of party.

This year everybody can find something for themselves. HAPPY NEW YEAR and greetings from South!

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