Istarska supa

Istarska supa is a traditional beverage or rather heated red wine Teran with sugar, olive oil, and pepper served with tiny pieces of toasted bread in bukaleta, a traditional carafe.

Istarska supa


Although the meaning of the word Istarska supa comes from the dialect (bread dipped in wine), that isn’t what makes it famous. Imagine yourself in a joyful setting, enjoying the company of friends as you celebrate life. You hear laughter and the sounds of harmonica, and the supa is brought to you, so you take a sip. It is a drink that unites people. In order to avoid having everyone drink from the same carafe, people eventually started using smaller bukaleta, one for each person. 

And if you are wondering what is a bukaleta? Bukaleta is a traditional Istrian carafe made of baked clay, and in Istria, it is used for serving wine, mostly on special occasions.


  • red wine Teran
  • sugar
  • Istrian olive oil
  • pepper
  • bread

Recipe for preparation:

There’s nothing easier than to prepare a drink like Istarska supa. Cut a slice of homemade bread 1 cm thick and then in smaller cubes which you’ll grill or toast in the pan. Meanwhile, put sugar and pepper in a bowl or a bukaleta if you bought it on your vacation in Istria, and add olive oil. Finally, pour heated red wine Teran in and stir it all together. Dip the bread halfway into the wine and share your new recipe with your friends and family.

Istarska supa



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