Truffles Istria

Truffles, truffle products, hunting and tours.

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High-quality truffle products and tours.

Truffles Istria
Truffles Istria
Truffles Istria
Truffles Istria
Truffles Istria
Truffles Istria
Truffles Istria

Truffles Istria 

Besides offering beautiful nature and landscapes Istria offers a variety of gourmet delights - experience them with Truffles Istria, filled with love for tradition for truffle hunting passed on from one generation to the next. Everything good and worthy comes from honoring tradition - making the wonderful combination of knowledge and love. Besides offering truffles and truffle products, they offer the thrill of truffle hunting and high - quality products that consist of their valuable truffles, combined with other homemade Istrian products.

Truffle hunt

The Motovun forest spreads on the foothill of Motovun, surrounded by local vineyards and olive groves. The Motovun forest is a renewed preserve of vegetation and it prolongs miles and miles by Mirna valley, a home to subterraneous mushrooms –truffles. Discover all the wonders of truffle hunting, going through the thick forest, blinding sun rays breaking through the oak treetops, following trained dogs tirelessly searching for this golden nugget. Enjoy the untouched landscape, listen to the bird songs, breathe fresh air, and discover the undiscovered treasures and bring home an unforgettable memory from your truffle hunt in Istria.


Products, shops and tasting rooms

The shop and tasting room of the TARTUFI ISTRA company offers fresh white and black truffles when in season and various truffle-flavored products – olive oil, butter, salt, honey, chocolate, cheese, peanuts, sausages and salami, savory and sweet spreads, and a selection of wines, brandies, and olive oils.

The shops and tasting rooms of the TARTUFI ISTRA company are located in three locations: at Ulica Pietro Kandler 2, 52424, Motovun, Croatia, right next to the ancient bell tower beside the Parish Church of St. Stephen in Motovun, in old city of Rovinj are located at Švalbina ulica 39, 52210, Rovinj, Croatia and in city of Poreč at ulica Bože Milanovića 2.


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