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Istrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Buršić

Istrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Buršić

The fruit is kept whole and contributes to the Istrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Buršić high level of quality.

What to expect

Tasting extra virgin olive oil, you will discover the true flavor of Istria and the spirit of the people who produce it.

Istrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Buršić
Istrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Buršić

Istrian extra Virgin Olive Oil Buršić, how do you make extra virgin oil? The olive tree is a Mediterranean plant and as such, needs a lot of light and air. The branching depends upon these prerequisites and they are essential for optimal yield results. Because of this, the Bursišic family decided to use the polyconic vase cultivation method. This is a difficult cultivation method, but yields excellent results and a unique quality of olive oil.

The Buršic family’s olive groves are located in north-western Istria or, more precisely, south of Brtonigla towards the valley of the Mirna River. This is where the picturesque locale Nova Vas can be found, famous for its agriculture, and its extra virgin oil. The Buršic family has for generations dedicated their time, knowledge, and efforts to agricultural development. Nova Vas, with its undulating and sunny hills that veer towards the river, has always been, in its special way, ideal for olive production. The conditions are exceptional: naturally diverse olive groves, an ideal terrain position, and an optimal microclimate. For the Bursic family, olive production is a constant challenge whose ultimate goal is to achieve the utmost quality.

The olives are harvested by hand. As such, the fruit is kept whole and contributes to the extra virgin olive oil’s high level of quality.

Upon harvesting, the olives are placed in open-air boxes and are transported the same day to be processed using the cold press method. The oil that is produced in such a way beats the heart of the entire fruit and stores all the harmony and power of nature. The extra virgin olive oil is stored in stainless steel barrels at room temperature in a darkened room free of oxygen and other scents. Thanks to adequate processing, cold process, and adaptation as a producer to the needs of the market, they have achieved extraordinary results, we have produced a quality product, premium extra virgin olive oil that has been awarded several times.

They produce extra virgin olive oil DE KLEVA as well as varietal oils, LECCINO, ISTARSKA BJELICA, BUŽA, PENDOLINO

olive oil
The extra virgin olive oil “DE KLEVA” Bursic selection is a combination of five types of olives: the Istrian bjelica, buža, leccino, and pendolino. It is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants that are good for our health. It has a lovely clear golden-yellow color with a distinctly defined glow of green nuances, and the scent of olive fruit, freshly cut grass, and green almonds. It is slightly viscose on the palette and is harmoniously enriched with aromatic notes of rosemary and basil. Harmoniously piquant and bitter. We recommend it with bruschetta with tomatoes, various green salads, roast veal, as an addition to semi-hard cheese… The extra virgin olive oil “ISTRIAN BJELICA” goes excellent with arugula salads, main meals of cepe mushrooms, aged cheeses, taljat of „boškarin” (a type of Istrian cured beef), barbequed meat and frittata with asparagus. The extra virgin olive oil “BUŽA” is a varietal, endemic oil, with clear, intense green-yellow colors and accentuated green tones. It goes well with seafood appetizers, marinated vegetables, various seafood specialties and the delicious “Istarska maneštra” (Istrstroneian mine). The extra virgin olive oil “LECCINO” is an oil with a clear green color. It comes to the fore when preparing meals with vegetables, white meat, fresh cheeses, seafood specialties, and as an addition to gourmet meals made with seashells and vanilla ice cream. The extra virgin olive oil “PENDOLINO” has a golden-yellow color with aromas of olives, freshly cut clover, artichokes, and a delicate scent of almonds. Its piquancy is at the fore with its note of bitterness, leaving a fresh taste in the mouth. This oil can be added to any gourmet meal but goes best with various meals made of mushrooms, pasta, risotto, and chocolate cake. Tastingextra virgin olive oil,you will discover the trueflavor of Istriaand the spirit of the people who produce it. 

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