Edivo Vina

Visit Edivo Vina and their underwater wine cellar at Drače, near Dubrovnik. Book your scuba diving tour now and enjoy your holiday in Croatia.

What to expect

Excellent wines, unique scuba diving tours.

Edivo Vina
Edivo Vina
Edivo Vina
Edivo Vina
Edivo Vina
Edivo Vina

Edivo Vina

The story of Edivo Vina begins in a small village in Croatia, Drače. It’s located on the peninsula of Pelješac, which is one hour away from Dubrovnik town. Pelješac is well known as a peninsula with fine vineyards and many excellent varieties of wine, famous all over the world. But this story is something very special.

Pure Croatian product

What makes them unique? They came upwith the idea of immersing bottles and amphorae under the sea. It took a lot of time, effort, and research until they made it all perfect. The bottles are submerged under the sea to a depth of 18-25 meters for more than 700 days. That's why they call itNavis Mysterium – The Sea Mystery.


Each bottle is unique, the product of great love, effort, and time. The unique essence of the Adriatic Sea combined with exquisite wine, Plavac from Janjina, clay that is baked in Petrinja, stands made of wrought iron from Sisak, pinewood boxes which are made in Varaždin, glass, cork… everything is pure Croatian product, one that you will want to take it with you: product with a story that belongs to the land, that people will definitely talk about.

Scuba diving tours

You can actually visit their underwater wine cellar. Sounds pretty amazing, right? You can choose from two options, they cost 200-240€and include rental of necessary diving equipment, boat ride, the bottle from the sea as a gift and wine tasting. You can find all the detailed info here or send an inquiry.

A perfect gift

If you don't have so much time, but still want to bring home an authentic Croatian product - don't miss their webshop. Don't forget to subscribe to their newsletter - you get 10% off on your first order! You can thank us later.:-) 

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