Everything you need to know about restaurants in Dubrovnik

Everything you need to know about restaurants in Dubrovnik

Where to eat in Dubrovnik? Check out the best guide for restaurants in Dubrovnik: get everything you need to know with CityPal.

Everything you need to know about restaurants in Dubrovnik

We have prepared a detailed guide of Everything you need to know about restaurants in Dubrovnik.This isto make sure you get the best experience as possible. Here is the list of some of the best restaurants which you will definitely enjoy.

Above5 Rooftop Restaurant

Above5 Rooftop Restaurant is a unique hidden gem, placed on top of the original 16thcentury building. This is one of a kind Michelin recommended restaurantwith a uniquemenu. And itis the only rooftop terrace in the heart of Dubrovnik Old Town. Try beef tartare, Above 5 burger, rib eye, swordfish, chilli prawns, and much more! Also, don't miss great drinks and excellent desserts. Dine in style among the terracotta rooftops surrounded by the ancient city walls and experience unforgettable views and history, while enjoying exceptional Mediterranean food inspired by seasonal produce and modern gastronomy.



Barba is a place in the heart of Dubrovnik City imagined as a place for seafood, fast food and simple but good street food. They offer very imaginative combinations: octopus sandwiches with mascarpone, marinated anchovies with cuttlefish salad and nectarines, shrimps with rocket and parmesan, and much more.You’ll also find pasta with tuna and artichokes, and mussels and fava beans.If you like fish (and Croatia has some of the best in the world) and fast food - this combination is a must!


Bistro Izvor

Bistro Izvoris located 10 km outside of Dubrovnik, at the Ombla river source. This place is unsigned,unheralded - a local cult.Here you can enjoy simple but still various dishes. The meat is prepared slightly different, and you definitely must try their marinated ribs which are delicious! You can also try the most affordable oysters in the city and mussels prepared in two different ways.Enjoy amazing nature and even better meals with your family and friends.

restaurant dubrovnik


Dalmatino Dubrovnik offers traditional cuisine “with a twist” and promotes the use of seasonal products. Here you can try the freshest and finest meals in Dubrovnik.Some of the signature dishes are veal skewers with bacon and mushroom risotto and grilled fresh fish of the day. You mustn't missthe always popular oysters from Ston, the freshness of tuna or salmon sashimi, Žrnovski makaruni- homemade pasta, and much more. Also, definitely try their offer of wines. Good food goes with good wines.


Dubravka 1836 Restaurant & Cafe

Dubravka 1836 Restaurant & Cafe is located directly by the west entrance to the Old City Centre. This is a unique location that offers stunning views of the fortresses Lovrijenac, Bokar and Minčeta.Take your family for lunch to a place with an unforgettable view, delicious food and outstanding service.You can fight the hunger with some of their most delicious meals and fill your day with happiness. Discover the magic of this unique jewel of the Adriatic Riviera.

Dubravka 1836 Restaurant & Cafe

Gradska kavana Arsenal

Gradska kavana Arsenalis a restaurant near Dubrovnik's main square, Luža. It is located in the very heart of the historic district. Here they combine good old recipes with modern culinary techniques. You can try their beef tartare - a truly beautiful thing. Furthermore, homemade pasta, fresh mussels, white wine sauce, oysters, steaks, grilled seafood, English breakfast - all of them are truly amazing. Welcome to the place where perfection is served for almost a century, where generations of families and friends spent their time in laughter, and a place where today the sun shines in a perfect location for people to enjoy in its rays.

Gradska kavana Arsenal

Konoba Dubrava

Konoba Dubrava - a contryside setting, near village of Bosanka. Traditional place where you can rest and enjoy inside as well as outside.If you want to escape the city - this is the best choice. Ideal city escape in the hot summer nights on the top of the Srđ Hill became a gourmet landmark when it comes to traditional cuisine. Lamb under the bell is great but make sure to try Octopus under the bell. It used to be a very common dish but nowadays it is not so easy to find.The whole atmosphere on terraces offers a unique experience for everyone. Konoba Dubrava is like an another home. Outside, on the summer terrace you can hear birds singing and look at the stars... it makes you forget that you are just 7 minutes away from the Pearl of Adriatic, the beautiful Dubrovnik! Don't miss it!

konoba dubrava

Lacroma Restaurant

Lacroma Restaurant is one of the finest restaurants in Dubrovnik. In the amazing environment, this restaurant presents very urban and new place, but aligned with the force of nature. Located on the beautiful Lokrum Island, it offers splendid ambience with only nature surrounding you. Their cuisine is mostly based on Mediterranean food with special modern "touch".You can enjoy various meals, but also great desserts! The wine list reflects the major wine producing regions of Croatia.This restaurant is also the perfect spot for different events. It is great for wedding gatherings, receptions, banquets and cocktails. Everything you can think of - they have it!


Mea Culpa - Pizzeria & Trattoria

Mea Culpa - Pizzeria & Trattoria is a great place for a good pizza. First of all, they make pizzas with only the freshest & finest local ingredients. Then they bake them in the special high tech pizza oven. You can choose from the most traditional and unique pizza flavours. Or you can try a wide array of Italian dishes and lasagnes. But don't miss also a selection of pasta dishes. Therefore, this is a great place for a romantic dinner for two, a casual lunch, or a special evening out. Try the best pizza in Dubrovnik!


Nautika Restaurant

Nautika Restaurant lies on the very edge of the sea at Pile. It is placed alongside the western entrance to Dubrovnik's Old City. From its unique terraces, you can enjoy one of a kind view of the Adriatic and also the fortresses of Lovrijenac and Bokar.Every morning, their supplier is down at Dubrovnik harbour meeting the local fishermen as they bring in their catch. They serve local lobster from the island of Vis, shrimp and many fish species pulled straight from the Adriatic.Besides their popular seafood dishes, you can also enjoy the finest meat and vegetarian dishes. In 2008. Nautika Restaurant was recognized as the sixth most romantic restaurant in the world by the much respected Condé Nast Traveller magazine.

nautika restaurant

Orka Restaurant

This beautiful restaurant - Orka Restaurant - is located in Lapadska obala. Simple and genuine flavors were the two things they aimed at when creating the menu.The creativity of the cuisine is supearheaded by Zdravko Tomšić. They present you a modern interpretation of fresh, local ingredients.You can choose degustation menu with 4 or 8 courses. Besides that, you can enjoy various appetizers, soups, specialties of the house and also vegetarian dishes. Try daily catched lobster, Adriatic tuna, homemade gnocchi in lavander sauce, traditional Dalmatian pašticadaand much more.


Panorama Restaurant & Bar

Panorama Restaurant & Bar – the place where you are definitely going to stop when the Dubrovnik cable car takes you to reach the celebrated hill of Srđ. This is one of the most famous restaurants in Croatia. Dining here creates an impression of floating between the blue sea and blue sky. The view is focused on the surrounding beauty, but also with a sense of pleasure for the palate. This experience will long be remembered, for sure.



Pantarul Restaurant is acozy restaurant featuring the finest and freshest flavors made from ingredients from local producers. A snack with a glass of local wine or a several-course dinner which will make all your senses flick.Fresh fish is delivered daily and the meat comes from the most reliable sources and is of the highest quality. Homemade pasta and bread, a creative wine list featuring Croatian wines and an honest smile on the waiters' faces – this is what you look for in a restaurant. They also have their own cookbook - Pantarul doma - or at home. Don't miss to buy it, so you can make amazing dishes yourself!


Peppers Eatery & Cocktails

Pepers Eatery & Cocktails is a cute stone house with walled courtyard. It is located right on the opposite of Lapad's new yachting marina. It offers a broad range of local and international cuisine.The list of starters includes various options such as hummus, bruschettas, Japanese dumplings gyoza, bread and dips. They also work well as a light lunch. The mains include dishes such as grilled steak, tuna and lamb choices, alongside the odd novelty such as the duck burger.Peppers is all about having a great meal in good company. No strict rules here;share a few small plates and a couple of desserts or do the traditional starter-main run.

dubrovnik restaurant

Restaurant Nishta

Nishta is Dubrovnik's vegetarian and vegan restaurant. It is located in the heart of historic Dubrovnik Old Town. They serve vegan, raw, and gluten-free dishes. Restaurant's inspiration comes from world cuisine. All dishes are freshly prepared from the best ingredients.You can try vegan burgers, zucchini lasagna & much more! Nishta is definitely a must.



Segreto offers traditional Italian cuisine in a pleasant and also relaxed atmosphere.You can enjoy various soups and pasta dishes. Or tasty bruschette, carpaccio and salads. They also have desserts, like chocolate fantasy or panna cotta. They are very delicious!If you love Italian food, don't miss this restaurant! Both, modern rustic interior and also charming terrace are the perfect spot to spend your day or night.


Taverna Otto

Taverna Ottois a smallstreetside bistro. It offers short but delicious menu, a combination of international and Mediterranean cuisine with high quality wines served by the glass.This charming little tavern has an atmosphere which reminds of a French bistro.You can have different starters, such as: chicken soup "Panata", salted sardines, and various platters. From main dishes choose veal cheeks, pork ribs, salmon, steaks, or a good old stew. Don't miss their homemade potatoes.

restaurant dubrovnik

TuttoBene Pizzeria & Fast Food

TuttoBene Pizzeria & Fast Food is one of the best places in Dubrovnik City to grab a slice of pizza or to enjoy a good burger. You can find them on three different locations: in the Old Town, in the Lapad Bay, and in Srebreno in Župa Dubrovačka.Take away some of their praised tortilla wraps, kebab, chicken wings or the Tutto Bene special fries, thick and crispy and only a bit guilty. If you use your card for payment they will treat you with 5% discount. And if you hold the Dubrovnik Card, don’t forget to flash it for a 15% discount off your entire bill! 

TuttoBene Pizzeria & Fast Food
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