During the summer, Zagreb will be transformed into a big open-air stage full of events all over the city! Our Zagreb top 5 events in July are:

1. Summer at the Stross – Strossmartre

Zagreb top 5 events in July

When: 25.05.2017. – 05.09.2017.
Where: Strossmayer Promenade
Admission: free

Strossmayer Promenade is by no doubt one of the most romantic promenades in our city. Located right underneath Lotrščak Tower, leaning on the southern walls of the old town and in the deep shade from chestnut trees! Carefully created musical programs, art installations integrated into space, unusual and entertaining actions and prize contests, somewhat nostalgic atmosphere of the open-air cinema or painters and their canvases with a glass of excellent wine. This is the offer that citizens of Zagreb and their guests would find hard to resist!

Find out more about this event here !

2. Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival

Zagreb top 5 events in July

When: 30.06.2017. – 09.07.2017.
Where: Stage Tuškanac, Cinema Europa and the Medvedgrad fortress
The prices of individual tickets are:
Projections on Summer Stage Tuškanac – 3,6 €
Projections on Medvedgrad fortress – 7,4 € (with the transport from the Šestine church)
Festival ticket – 20 € (does not include projections on Medvedgrad fortress)

In ten days of the seventh edition of fantasy festival, many films can be enjoyed in fresh forest air outside the city bustle in magical outdoor open air stage Tuškanac and on the Medvedgrad fortress above the city with a great view on the entire Zagreb city. The Festival is dog friendly, so you can come with your best friend!

Find out more about this event here !

3. Zagreb Classic: Carl Orff: Carmina Burana

Zagreb top 5 events in July

When: 02.07.2017. at 21:00h on the King Tomislav Sqare
Where: King Tomislav Square
Admission: free

In 1934, Carl Orff encountered the 1847 edition of the original text from Carmina Burana dating mostly from the 11th, 12th and 13th century. This selection is covering a wide range of topics, as familiar in the 13th century as they are in the 21st century: the fickleness of fortune and wealth, the ephemeral nature of life, the joy of the return of Spring, and the pleasures and perils of drinking, gluttony, gambling and lust.
You don´t want to miss this spectacle!

4. The Courtyards – Every courtyard has its own story!

Zagreb top 5 events in July

When: 14.07.2017. – 23.07.2017.
Where: Courtyards at the Zagreb´s Upper Town
Admission: free

This one definitely belong in the top 5 events in Zagreb in July! This summer The Courtyards will tell you stories about Zagreb you have never experienced before!
During 10 unforgettable days, visitors will have an unique opportunity to peek behind the facades of some of the most beautiful palaces of the  Zagreb’s Upper Town and experience the genuine magic of these unique venues!  But in The Courtyards they will also find a lot of first class urban entertainment, delicious snacks, refreshing drinks and superb music artists, from jazz and classics to the pop ones. “Cool urban event with the soul” and ” Project that Zagreb didn’t have before”, are just the two among many superlatives that follow this project from the beginning!

Find out more about this event here!

5. The 51st International Folklore Festival

Zagreb top 5 events in July

When: 19.07.2017. – 23.07.2017.
Where: Ban Jelacic Square, Plateau Gradec
Admission: free

Following the previous scheme, the program of the International Folklore Festival will last for five days and will be comprised of stage performances, workshops, concerts of world music and church singing, exhibitions. Along with the stage on the Zagreb main square, performances will take place on the already known scene on Gradec (in the Upper Town).  A special thematic program will cover the ethnographic heritage of Banovina and Pounje region of Croatia, as the areas with specific ways of singing and dancing, customs and handcrafts, which are very diverse and rich yet far too little known to the public!

Find out more about this event here!


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