About us

We’re young and curious. Our team is made of individuals who love to travel and party, so we understand the needs of other young tourists who wish to experience the city in a same way we do. This is why we believe that we can help you to discover all the city hotspots. We will connect you with the locals and make your visit easy and pleasant.

Simply, we want transmit to you everything we missed on our trips.

What is CityPal?

CityPal project is a guide for tourists and travelers made by few enthusiastic locals to help our foreign visitors to get to know the city of Zagreb better. For those who are looking for local recommendations of restaurants, bars and nightlife, museums, shops and many more adventures around the city, this is the right place for you! Our love for traveling, great people, fun times and amazing food has brought us together into this project with a goal to help our visitors and the city to develop an ultimate city guide. Meet the locals, hang out with your friends and make your trip worthwhile!


What you’ll get?

Forget those standard tourist routes and take yourself on an adventure like a true local. Take our advice and visit one of the “secret” spots in Zagreb. From amazing lounge bar or a pub to the perfect little souvenir shop, CityPal is offering you a large list of the local’s favorite places in the city along with the freshest and most updated news each day about events and special offers in the city. If that’s not enough, pick your type of CityPal Card and get multi-attraction pass to top restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, museums and many more.

What is CityPal Card?

CityPal Card is multi-attraction pass that saves travelers up to 140 euros off combined admission to top restaurants, bars and clubs, museums, shops, transports and many more attractions. Choose from different types of CityPal Cards – one, two, three or seven days pass – for your upcoming trip and you’ll have access to over 50 different places for one low price.


Denuncio d.o.o.

Adresa sjedišta:Samoborska cesta 6, 10000 Zagreb
Ured:Samoborska cesta 6, 10000 Zagreb
E-Mail: info@citypal.me

Društvo je upisano u sudski registar Trgovačkog suda u Zagrebu, pod brojem MBS: 080747728
OIB: 96116893330
Račun društva se vodi kod: Raiffeisen BANK Austria d.d., Zagreb, broj: HR5560753002665839
Temeljni kapital društva iznosi 20.000,00 kuna i uplaćen je u cijelosti
Osnivači društva: Željko Gobac i Igor Rogačević
Osobe ovlaštene za zastupanje: Željko Gobac

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