Are you in Zagreb for the first time?

You are a tourist and you are in Zagreb for the first time? You have read countless reviews and recommendations of where to go out in Zagreb? But you just don´t know what to do or where to go out! What does all tourist guides and leaflets mean to you if you don´t have pals to be with? If you don´t have a crew of like-minded people around you, a crew that likes similar things to do like you, pals that you can talk to, get drunk, have fun… or maybe start a new friendship with!


Where to go out in Zagreb?

Because all of this, CityPal launched a Meetup program that will enable all tourists in Zagreb to have fun! Our goal is to connect tourists of similar preferences by organizing every day meetups at the best places in our city! That places will be chosen by Zagreb locals and all you have to do is come to our meetup spots and have a great time!

Have a drink, take discounts with CityPal Card, ask the locals what you’re interested in, have fun, enjoy, sing, dance, talk with others… repeat!

If you want to go out with locals feel free to contact us on

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