Restaurant Kantina Pula

Best local food in Pula with interesting and innovative upgrade

Basement of the former Austro-Hungarian villa now – days is refitted as restaurant Kantina Pula. Restaurant Kantina stands out because of best local  food  in Pula. Available prices, professional staff and excellent food placed Kantina among top Pula restaurnats. Another plus of the Kantina restaurant is it’s position near the Pula city center.

Restaurant Kantina Pula Restaurant Kantina Pula interior.

If you’re wondering where to eat today in Pula, then we recommend you restaurant Kantina Pula. What can you expect here? Variety of local food with lots of interesting innovation of modern cuisine.

Restaurant Kantina Pula Kantina Pula hummus selection for appetizer or just delicious brakefast!

Taste of Istrian forests, sea and farms are refined with innovative and unusual food combinations.

Best local food Pula A delightful Kantina welcome!

Meal dishes are combined with a number of interesting seasonal foods – pumpkin, bean pulp, but also fruits.

Restaurant Kantina Pula Butternut pumpkin filled with wild rise, cherry tomatoes and Gorgonzola cheese. Gourmets dream plate.

With meat dishes you can occasionally have a wine  liquor as an interesting side dish combined with other indrigents. On typical Kantina plate you will always taste at least 5 different flavor combinations.

Restaurant Kantina Pula Salad made of wild Istrian mushrooms and fresh goat’s cheese. Istrian wood’s taste in summer edition.

Barbecue on charcoal is often used for preparing meat or fish dishes and it gives perfect taste to the indrigents.

Restaurant Kantina Pula Ram steak on pumpking’s pulp with cream cheese – fettine.  

On the Kantina restarutant menu are numerous of fish and meat dishes, pasta or risottos. Kantina tuna steak or salads are perfect choice for warm summer days.

Restaurant Kantina Pula Rich vegetarian risotto.  

If you are passing by Kantina and need some rest – you can always come here on a cup of coffee or a cake, you don’t have to necessarily eat abundant meal. Spacious Kantina terrace will give you shadow and refreshment during long Pula city center walk.

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