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Masarykova 18, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

What to expect?

A „place to be“ for local gourmets, one of the most prestigue restaurant in Zagreb

Experience fine dining scene in the Apetit City restaurant –  one of the most prestigious in Zagreb!

Since its opening in January 2011, Apetit City has become a part of the urban environment scene in the Zagreb city center. Its a place for business lunches, starting point for evenings parties, and a meeting place for friends and acquaintances. The interior of the restaurant exudes in relaxed and modern tones, and the space seems like a kind of an extension of events from the streets of Zagreb.

With its ups and downs Apetit City has become a great place in Zagreb where you can eat excellent dishes . This restaurant become a „place to be“ for  local gourmets and has already received the status of “don´t miss” place in town.

Dinners in Apetit City are special because they are serving wine from the big bottles which is not a common practice in the restaurants! In addition to that, the big bottles have their essential purpose, which is to allow the wine to mature better so it could develop more and more complex flavor nuances than the standard size bottle.

And at the end we would like to describe you a Vienna steak – one of the favorite dishes of Zagreb, which you can rarely eat prepared according to its classical recipe, but in the Apetit City it´s rightly pointing out with it´s original name – Wiener Schnitzel. A piece of veal beaten in a thin, dipped in a mixture of crumbs and eggs, fried in a pan (not in the fryer!) and on the clarified butter (not on the oil!)! It´s served on a plate whose size must necessarily cover the steak and the Schnitzel must have the “Dumbo ears”.

The desire of Appetit City is to host you – either for a quick lunch, a relaxed dinner or a glass of wine! So be sure to visit it. Believe us, it’s worth!


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