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What to expect?

Discover Dubrovnik in unique and interesting way, all by yourself and by using only one simple app!

Are you tired of regular tourist guides which will take you on the tours that are already prepared for listening the same old story that they are telling everyone? Or, you would like to discover Dubrovnik in an unique and interesting way, all by yourself, just using only one simple App that will take you everywhere and force you to think about everything what you can see around? Then visit Dubrovnik Trails office and see what they can offer to you!

dubrovnik trails

Dubrovnik Trails offers a fresh and unique alternative to the regular sightseeing – an app guided treasure hunt adventure! Upon booking your desired trail you’ll receive a tablet device (with Dubrovnik Trails app) and the trail equipment. Each trail allows you to learn about Dubrovnik and its history while you‘re trailing through the city. Return to the Dubrovnik Trails office which is located near the bus station at Pile gates (entrance to the Old Town) after the trail is finished and you’ll receive your well-earned themed reward based on the trail you chose!

Assemble your friends & family, and start trailing! This is the best way to enjoy your company and to discover the city you’re visiting. There are three different trails you can choose!

dubrovnik trails

“Game of Trails will” aloud you to eavesdrop on Sansa and Littlefinger plotting an escape plan to join Cersei on her walk of shame, or to find out which actor would get horribly drunk during the filming!

dubrovnik trails

“Game of Trails” will lead you to the all of the major filming locations of your favourite TV show, while you can discover different parts of Dubrovnik and learn about the city history. Old-Town “Pirate Trail” will give you the digital treasure map, which will help you to find 11 hidden treasure pieces that are scattered around various parts within the Old town. Enjoy in this amazing treasure hunt that allows you to discover interesting stories about Dubrovnik’s people and history! And for the last, but not the least… Legends of Dubrovnik will give you a chance to get away from the crowd and hassle, because this relaxing trail will take you along some of the most beautiful and serene beaches, parks, and walking trails that can be found in Dubrovnik! By solving tricky tasks and riddles during this trail, you will uncover pieces of folklore and legends about Dubrovnik which are unknown to ordinary people!

dubrovnik trails

So, discover the new way of travelling with Dubrovnik Trails agency! If you check and reserve your trail on their website you’ll get special discount! Enjoy!


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