Bistro Alighieri

Bistro Alighieri best daily restaurant in Pula

Fresh food for every day!

 “Hospitability implies warmth of hearth, delicious food and right to silence.”
                   – Ralph Waldo Emerson

 The center of Pula is overwhelmed with various types of restaurants which has more or less quality offer. If you don’t know anyone who can give you good recommendation or direction, there is a threat that you will make a bad choice. That’s why local’s recommendation are best – we know where are the restaurants with long tradition and which are open all year-long – not just during the summer season. We can help you to find a place where you can eat quality food which does not cost much. 

Bistro Alighieri

Terrace of Bistro Alighieri – take a break and drink fresh juice or eat some brunch!

Bistro Alighieri Pula

Bistro Alighieri inside  –  good choice if weather got worst!  Cozy ambiance with retro details.                                       

Fresh daily food Alighieri

Do you like to eat fresh daily food outdoors? Fusilli stuffed with cheese and vegetables – an excellent choice for summer lunch!  Combine the meal with fresh fruit juice!

Bistro Alighieri is familiar and popular among locals for a quality and variety daily offer. Locals prefer Alighieri for lunch or brunch, but also for cakes! A pleasant ambiance, the interior walls covered with stone provide a homemade flavor. Alighieri’s interior walls are covered with thumbnails and weird that reminds on retro style, and the place is packed with tiny details that complement the space giving it a romantic note. Restaurant is set at the Dante’s square near the Prvomajska street (between Forum and Porta Rata). During the summer season you can eat on the spacious terrace beside the fountain.

Meatloaf stuffed with vegetables and potatoes from fresh daily offer Bistro Aligrhieri

Meatloaf stuffed with vegetables and peas with pepper filled with potatoes from fresh daily offer Bistro Aligrhieri

Burgers in a vegetable sauce Bistro Alighieri

Burgers in a vegetable sauce with potato and vegetable cake Bistro Alighieri                                                            

Tatar steak Bistro Alighieri

 Pate made of Tatar steak is perfect for appetizer or brunch! Combine it with a fresh salad!

If the weather got worst, there’s a lot of space inside the restaurant – enjoy the ambiance that resembles the typical Mediterranean taverns, but refined with retro posters and other details. Variety of bidding make your decision hard,  there’s lot of fine and different dishes on the menu, depends what kind of food do you prefer. If you spend your day walking all over the town, then you can have the best brunch in Alighieri – you can take a short brake for meal or you can come here and enjoy the long lunch or diner with more food sequences…

Strawberry an coconut desert Bistro Alighieri

 Strawberry and Coconut Cake – perfect summer dessert, great in combination with fruit liqueurs or cocktails

Alighieri offers a good selection of vegetarian food, pasta  and meat dishes. Varied vegetarian rags or pasta with truffle sauce are a good and inexpensive choice. Every summer you can enjoy tasty and refreshing cocktails, let the waiter enjoy the news …

If you are spending your vacation in Pula, come and try at least one fresh daily offer of Bistro Alighieri, you will definitely come back for more! After a lunch or dinner in Alighieri, go to the Forum and visit the Romans monument, enjoy your summer and let the Pula nights out take you anywhere you want!

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