Pula top restaurants

8 best gourmet journey in Pula

Best traditional Istrian cuisine


Intimate family tavern where you can taste many Istrian dishes prepared according to local recepies. Exellent Istrian meat, fish, appetizers and desserts will delight you with taste and presentation. Taste best domesic meat (or fresh octopus) dishes prepared under the iron lid covered with hot coals to slowly bake into its own juice. That traditional type of pot is called ”peka” and that’s the best way to prepare meat, because it is extremely tasty. Don’t forget to ask the waiter for recommendation for pairing the wine with the dish.

Best fine fast food in Pula


Fine Fast food Piantina is best place for healthy and tasty street food in Pula. Offer of fine fast food Piantina in Pula abounds with local fresh Istrian meat (beef, Istrian bacon – panceta), fresh salads and vegetables, smoothies and protein shakes for healthy breakfast. Sandwiches and burgers in fine fast food Piantina are different from others because it contains various ingredients such as: domestic meat, crunchy bacon, zucchini, smoked domestic cheese, and rest of fresh vegetables arranged according to the innovative ideas of chefs. That’s why each burger or sandwich in fast food Piantina is different, but there’s also different type of burgermenus (such as XL burger menu) with some smoothie, salads or French fries added in combination. Have a nice healthy burger-day in Piantina Pula. Buon apetite!

Best daily restaurant

Tatar steak Bistro Alighieri

 Dining restaurant in the center of Pula with best fresh daily offer for brunch, lunch and dinner. Alighieri servs various meals every day –  there’s a huge variety of dishes so you can choose between any types of meat, pasta or vegetarian dishes. Alighieri is also known for its delicious cakes – you can taste cakes prepared of chocolate, fruits  or cheese. Dare to try the best recipes of the house.

Best local food

Best local food Pula

Restaurant Kantina 

Restaurant Kantina in Pula offers lot of simple local food prepared in many different ways.  Simple meat dishes that you can eat almost everywhere is prepared on interesting and innovative ways with lot of unusual contributions. In restaurant Kantina Pula you can try combinations of meat and fruits  -like pork steak in Istrian bacon with apple and bean sauce. Maybe you will be interested in Istrian ombolo (pork loin) and sausages in  pear and potatoes cream with wine – jelly on top of it? Vegetarian dishes of the restaurant Kantina in Pula are also interesting. Would you like to try leek and potato soup, with grilled sesame for appetizer? But fried zucchini with carrot cream and desert after it? Local Istrian food is so well prepared that it is hard to believe in it’s origin and simplicity. Restaurant Kantina is locaten near city center Pula – on the most crowded Pula street – Flanatička. Restaurant Kantina Pula is good choice for fine dining – lunch or dinner. On the terrace of Kantina Pula you can have a rest and drink coffee or eat something sweet.


Italian dishes


Perfect place for family gatherings on a spacious terrace under the trees. Dishes that are served there are mix of traditional Istrian cusinie with Italian and sub-alpine cusinie. Navetta will delight you with pizza made of fresh groceries and prepared in double deck stoves which makes pizza exeptional. Trattoria Navetta is adapted to families with children and pets.


Fish restaurant

Risotto Ribarska Koliba Restaurant

Daily fresh offer of fish and seafood with a century-old tradition wich will delight you with taste and the sea wiev from the terrace. Here you can eat the best seafood in Pula which were purchased from local suppliers. The choice is diverse – fish, shellfish or molluscs. Fish dishes are stored in many ways – let the chef surprise you! Pleasant ambience is complemented by lively, romantic music, perfect for fine dining with your loved one!


Caffe & lounge bar

Vertigo Cocktails & Wine bar Ribarska koliba

 Come and enjoy in the lounge bar with the best sea view in the city. This season you can taste new coctails in the offer. Here you can drink coffe, cocktail or wine. Enjoy your drink in a slow Mediterranean style. Let your vacation begin!


Wine & tappas


The largest selection of wine in Pula. Here you can taste the best Istrian wines and the craft beers. Relax in a cozy ambiance, enjoy a good drink and tasty snack. Domestic food and wine will refresh you during the summer days and nights. Treat your palate with quality wine or cfraft beer, but when drink boost your apetite eat good istrian proscoutto, beef, fries or cheese!



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